Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Poem

As is often the way, after much searching on the web I couldn’t find anything I could ‘borrow’ to use for this post, so I am writing myself...

[licks pencil]

My house is so quiet,
My life is full of peace,
There is no screaming
Or yelling at least.

No toys on the floor,
No marks on the walls,
My house is untouched
By toy trains or dolls.

Every day I yearn
For toys to pick up,
For tears to wipe
And small hands on a cup.

But I have on my mantel,
Pride of place today,
A card made especially
For me on Mother’s Day.

A box of chocolates
Came with the card
With silver ribbons
And hugs, oh so hard.

And today as if by magic
A pretty Spring basket appeared,
Full of beautiful flowers
Showing someone else cared.

Thank you Aginoths (Mr and Mrs), for my lovely card and Chocolates. An especial big hug to LMB for her wonderful sticking skills :-)

And SleepyPete - what to say? You are the son I never had, but the son I have always wished for. Thank you, my darling boy.

To those mothers who can't be with their children, and to those children who can't be with their mothers - Happy Mother's Day, UK-Style!



CyberKitten said...

Good poem CQ - [Looks impressed]

Sleepypete said...

[chuckle] Nearly gave the game away on Friday ;-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great poem, CQ. Well written


That was a very lovely and touchy poem. Though our Mother's Day here is still in May, may I greet you a Happy Mother's Day!

MuppetLord said...

Hmm...I've figured out what was wrong with viewing your blog. Turns out it is works fine in Firefox.

Juggling Mother said...

ummm, you can come pick up toys & wipe sticky fingerprints away every day if it would make you happy.

it would sure make me happy;-)


WendyWings said...

lovely poem, Happy Mothers Day to you.
If you were closer you could babysit for Miss Rebecca anytime :)

Tara said...

Thats a lovely lovely poem my blogsistah, and if you hop on over to my blog, there's a little treat for you there :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

CQ, the fault on 'The Picard Song' has been corrected. If you go back, you should see it now.

Killired said...

omg... cq.. you made me have some tears in my eyes... that is beautiful and i am happy you got some pretty flowers! you soooo deserve them! hope your mother's day was stupendous!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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