Monday, March 27, 2006

Tagged Again!

Tagged by my blogsistah Dawnie for this, and dared by Darren! How could I possibly refuse my sweet Dawn when she has made me Blog of The Month at Retarded Rugrat! :-) Go on over and say hello - she's an angel, honest :-)

Here, for Dawn, is a new A-Z of the Crazie One. [The comments in green are Dawn's - we're sooooo in toon........!]

Accent: Born in Devon, raised in Gloucestershire but oddly enough I have been accused of a London accent [waits while Mrs A falls off her chair]. When I am drunk I go broad Devon – cyberkitten thinks that is hilarious :-) When I am around my in-laws, I tend to take on a Barnsley accent (odd, as I have never lived in Yorkshire at all!)

Booze of Choice: I am very restrained now and mostly drink vodka pops (wkd or Smirnoff Ice) or plain old vodka and lemonade…….. but never anything with coke – I hate coke……..! And I am allergic to wine, especially white! As a young person I pretty much drank anything that was going around – including getting a terrible reputation for ‘minesweeping’; emptying other people’s glasses for them! I always saw it as an act of charity – saving them getting legless……

Chore I hate: The bins…….I hate doing the bins. Even working out which binmen are coming when is a chore these days in dear old England…..

Dog or Cat: Well, it goes without saying…..Cat! But I do like dogs. I like gun dogs, big, beefy, brawny and loyal dogs.

Essential Electronics: I SO want to say internet, but it’s got to be our Sky Plus satellite system. Now I just have to remember once when something is on, set the series link and it happily records the programme every week/day/month etc, meaning I can blog away and not miss any telly!!

Favorite Perfume: [White Musk from The Body Shop. I've loved that since I was a teenager and still love it now.] I’m with Dawnie on this one. Being allergic to most perfumes, I adore my White Musk and carry a bottle everywhere with me.

Gold or Silver: Gold has to be 24C and silver has to be pure. Allergies again……...

Hometown: I guess if it’s where I was raised, it would be Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Now it’s the delightful town of Thornbury, also in Gloucestershire!!

Insomnia: [yawn] you wha…….??! Oh insomnia…yep – for years now. It’s a by-product of my depression, and is getting worse as I get older. Of course, having a large healthy kitten bounce on my chest at 4am doesn’t help much either….

Job Title: I have a new one now! [looks proud] I am an Assistant Health and Safety Advisor…….cool, eh?? :-)

Kids: Let’s not go there again….

Living Arrangments: A cosy three bed house with my MB (Much Beloved) and our two crazy felines.

Most Admired Trait: no idea – you’ll have to ask my Crazies……...

# of Sexual Partners: [polishes halo] two – ex-husband and MB.

Over Night Hospital stays: More than I care to remember.

Phobia: Mice (musophobia) rats (zemmiphobia) and even gerbils and hamsters (they don’t have proper names yet!)), clowns (coulrophobia), dentists (dentophobia), heights (acrophobia), and just when everything is lovely, I get agoraphobia…..!!

Quote: "In order to end the suffering of the people, to bring an end to their pain and agony, there is no option but resistance" Ahmad Shah Massoud (anti-Taliban Northern Alliance leader) 01 Sep 1953 – 09 Sep 2001

Religion: Christian Quaker, with a healthy respect for other faiths thrown in for good measure.

Siblings: 3 older, two brothers one sister – yep I’m the baby……..

Time I wake up: If Charlie or MB have anything to do with it; usually about 4am!!.

Unusual Skill: None that I can think of………..

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Spinach – yeuch!!

Worst Habit: [Hmmmm, I'm gonna say smoking. I really need to quit.] Me too, Dawnie. Sorry all.

Xrays: lots :-( Why is X always X-rays? How about a new X?
Xenophile or Xenophobia: Xenophile – I love meeting foreign people! :-)

Yummy Food I Can Make: Cheese Risotto. MB hates it, but I LOVE it [drool]

Zen Moment: Which one?? [snigger]



YellowRose said...

Oh....Clowns...can't stand them!! Never could, when I was a kid I would scream bloody murder if one came near me my mom said! To this day they creep me out!! UGH!!!! Glad I'm not the only one!! ;) I knew I liked you!! :)

BTW: Did you get my jokes I sent for Aginoth?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is a great 100 CQ..! I have to try this sometime...Never done this Alphabet one or the regular 100...
BTW I'm the Baby of my family, too.
These positions don't change in any way shape or form no matter how old you get! (lol)
What is it about clowns? so very many people can't stand them, but then, just as many love them! Fascinating!

WendyWings said...

If you are phobic about mice you would not want to be at my house right now ARGH
Yum cheese risotto sounds good to me.

Le laquet said...

Ooooooooh!!!! Excited! One of the branches of my family tree starts in Thornbury!!! *breathes slowly* Off to read the rest now!

Le laquet said...

I love risotto and I am very much a xenophile ~ it's ages since I've done an A to Z .... you know me, probably going to nick this!


My worst habit is smoking too.

WendyWings said...

Heads up "auditions" are on at my blog, come play ( and let anyone else who might want to play know too the more the merrier !!

silentmum said...

Unusual skill....amazing patience with children....amazing patience with stressed out single moms....amazing support for above said nutty mum.....the list could actually be endless.....

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you my dear Blog Friend for once again helping me out with Sweeties Blog. I deeply appreciate it and the extra added attractio of my own blog linked! Hooray! You are soooo very kind and dear to do this...HUGS AND MORE HUGS to you, Dear Dear CQ!

Michael Manning said...

I learned a great new phrase from you just now: A "minesweeper". Sounds very CIA/Scotland Yard. But no. It's "emptying out the drinks from friends". How hysterical! I'll have to remember that at the local English pub. "You're not by any remote chance a 'minesweeper' are you?" FUNNY!!!

neolithic said...

"When I am around my in-laws, I tend to take on a Barnsley accent..."

So, you're Dawn's co-Barnsley Bingo Bish then, are you???

Update the links though... my site has moved.


Tara said...

Hahahahahaha....nice answers sistah :-)

Cyndy said...

Hello CQ
Michele sent me......

The food I am craving right now is potato chips, or do you know them as "crisps"?

Anonymous said...

Hi buddy, your blog' s aim is simple and straighten up and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!