Saturday, March 18, 2006

Busy Busy

My days and evenings have been taken up lately with closing down my job and hospital visiting.

As I am not being replaced (for the moment) in the team, I have been working long days at the office, delegating work, sorting out what needs to be done and what can wait. It hasn't helped that the stupid computer system at work has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow all week. Most of the stuff I should have done just didn't get done, as it was held on the most fragile server that was down for the best part of my last week! But I managed to mostly clear the decks before the dreaded 'presentation'. I like my boss, really I do, and I adore the girl who put together the meat of my leaving presentation (lots of fun things I had done in the team - including crashing an expensive wedding! :-O) - but the boss didn't use any of that, and I was quite disappointed with his speech. But it's all over now, I have another gorgeous bunch of flowers, some of my favourite munchie choccies and an adorable 'Good Luck' teddy :-)

My evenings have been a blur of dashing to the hospital then dashing home and cooking and cleaning; or on other days dashing home to cook and clean then dashing off to the hospital! Poor old Aginoth! There is a bug going round the wards and his ward is now shut. You can only visit if you are 100% bug free. So his family (who are suffering with a stomach bug in turns!) can't visit. So I have been lengthening my visiting times to try and cover the gap - but there's nothing like seeing your own family! :-(
In fact. I have just come back from there now from the afternoon visiting to give myself the evening off. I have delivered nice Walkers Sensations crisps to supplement his terrible meals, a stack of DVDs, a Saturday Guardian which should give him plenty of reading material(!) and a book for him to plan family trips when he finally is mobile again! I am taking in all the messages sent to me, and some emails others have sent. There's some funny stuff in his Grin Room Folder now! Thank you all very much for sending your messages and wishes :-)

Still to do;

write to my mum -

organise her mother's day present - CHECK

write to my insurance company -

write a letter on a Health and Safety assessment I performed yesterday for my new job - CHECK

This is my way of making sure I do these vital tasks!

Busy busy..........

Oh, and I know my blog has been a little fragile lately, but it all seems to be working fine now [crosses fingers]

Update: I have picked up another Silver Medal at the BlogOlympics Training Camp 3 - woo hoo to me!

OK - vacuum the upstairs and it's off back to the hospital!



Eponine's Cowboy said...

You obviously are a very dear friend and a special soul. I hope your friend is well on the way to recuperating.

Hope the work transition is a good thing too.


Phew! I was exhausted just by reading your list of to do things. I hope you get enough time to take and have a good rest. Like machines, our bodies need rest too.

Marcia said...

I'm glad you're back posting! I missed reading you all week!

mar said...

You are a real friend, cq. Mr. A. is lucky to have you as a friend. Hope he makes it home soon! glad you found some time in your busy schedule to post and don't forget to take care of yourself!

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