Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Things I love and hate about blogs

1. LOVE that, whatever time I log on, my blog is always there.

2. LOVE that, whenever I open my blog, there are lots of comments from blogbuddies.

3. LOVE that today I am Michele's Site of the Day [preens]

4. LOVE music on blogs. Gonna put some on mine - I see Nina Simone crooning at the Palace in the near future!

5. LOVE colour (well, d'uh!). Killired's blog is a riot of pink - I adore visiting!

6. LOVE a relaxed atmosphere on a blog. Those blogs where people just chunter on about whatever they like!

7. LOVE the blogosphere. All those people I never knew six months ago, all coming to chat with little old me!

8. LOVE my identity. Some of you know the Real Me, but as I don't like Me, craziequeen lets me be everything Me isn't!

9. LOVE Michele and Wendy. What with Michele's M&G (responsible for most of my blogroll!) and Wendy's Audition Calls, I am meeting lots of new people.

10. LOVE animal blogs. Being a pet owner, I cruise a lot of 'petblogs' and there are some VERY witty people out there.

11. HATE blogs that are written in text-speak. Type properly, damn you, I haven't got time to decode l8er, m8s and other such gobbledegook!

12. HATE blogs that are singularly specific in subject. It makes it harder for visitors to comment.

13. HATE bloggers with no sense of humour!

Thursday Thirteen Notables
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Special notice -

Sleepypete has done his first Thursday Thirteen, and guess what? Yours Truly gets a special mention! [blows kiss to Sweet Sleepy.

rashbre hasn't been seen around the palace in a while - his TT is up :-)

New pal Scouser is formulating plans for World Domination - obviously blog parties weren't enough for our Liverpudlian Lad!

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Phew - just made it in time.....2354! :-)

Rushed back from the cinema to post this :-)



YellowRose said...

Finally!! I've been waiting for your 13, and it was worth the wait! ;) Great list! And I Love visiting bloggers like favorite Queen! :) *HUGS*

My 13 is up!

Sleepypete said...

Got mine up just in time too :-)

Sleepy's 13

rashbre said...

Yay - you were as late as me at putting up a 13. I also just made it. Here today via Michele's. I see your site has had a bit of a makeover too! I need to read through a few posts I have missed.


WendyWings said...

Congrats on being site of the day and thanks for the link ;)

BTW the audition results are UP now :)

Marisa said...

Hi CQ! Michele sent me today and I think I've been here before.

LOVE the list, especially #11-13.

Rene said...

Hi, Michele sent me. Congrats on Site of the Day. I totally agree with number 11. I have a sister in law who does that and I just want to reach through the computer lines and smack her.

FattyPants said...

Hi I'm here from micheles. Congrats on being site of the day. No need to return a visit, I'm a single specific subject blogger

Lazy Daisy said... queen, congrats on the gold, and being site of the day at Michele' are such a winner! Bowing to your brilliance! My list is up too!


I agree with you and have the same feelings about your Nos. 11, 12 and 13. People sometimes think we can all understand what they have texted.

Scouser said...

Does world domination come under #12 'blogs that are singularly specific in subject'?

Anonymous said...

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