Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So - how am I doing on those VITAL tasks.......??

Still to do;

write to my mum

organise her mother's day present - CHECK

write to my insurance company - CHECK

write a letter on a Health and Safety assessment I performed yesterday for my new job - CHECK

and a new addition.........

Buy Charlie and Pandora's Secret Paw gifts to send to America (such fun - humour me!) - CHECK

Do you see the one I haven't done yet, children?! :-O

And in answer to questions:

my back is improving steadily, although it does have setbacks. I am still on my painkillers.

My new job is proving a challenge and I wouldn't wish today (day 2) on my worst enemy.......I'll tell you more when I'm feeling more positive.

Oh, and before I collapse into bed........go on over and say hello to my sweet friend Le Laquet. Poor Jo has been taken into hospital herself, after being so concerned about Aginoth. Wish her well, my blogbuddies.



OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Will do, my dear...I mean about Jo.
I sent my Secrey Paws gifts and they got them!! But Mini has not been allowed to open hers yet...My dear White Lion waits by the door every day for the postperson...so far, Nada! But I keep telling him, "It will get here, it will, baby..just be patient!" HA! Like he inderstands me?
Hope the stress of the new job lets up as you get into it more, my dear CQ...Please give Aginoth a Bih Gug for me, when next you see him. Off to see Le Laquet, now!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BIG HUG!!! (I must learn to type better or..not type so late at night...(lol) Sorry about that...


Nice drawings. I've seen you haven't done 1 and 2. Will go over at Le Laquet sites after you. How's Aginoth doing now?

Lazy Daisy said...

My poor queen....don't get bedraggled yourself. Love the cartoon! Just drop by to say....Sending you a virtual daisy boquet for your thoughtfulness to your friends!

Fizzy said...

Hello I saw your lovely comment on Jo's blog and that you had sent other people over to wish her well too. I read your comments to her this evening and she says a big thank you.

I like your check list post. I do similar lists too, and miss out certain ones too

have a good day

Anonymous said...

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