Friday, August 11, 2006

Counting Blessings

When I'm this crappy, I usually take five minutes to count my blessings.

MB - is my rock, my soulmate. Without him I would have given up the fight years ago.

My house - my sanctuary. We don't get a lot of visitors, and I relish my privacy.

My Crazies - Cyberkitten, RCA, Sleepypete, Bionic Dwarf and my darling Aginoths. These people have held me, comforted me, laughed with me and cried with me.

My overall health (well, just a bit of a bad back and moodiness doesn't really figure in the whole huge scheme of Life).

My blogbuddies, all my regular visitors. Those people who come by daily just to say hello!

My job, and my boss - these come as a set.......I am learning every day. Today I was lead auditor in a health and safety audit for the first time.

DCRoe - have you signed up for
2996 for 9/11 yet? This man is devoting so much of his time to this five year anniversary tribute. He is a real hero!

Music - is there anything better than hearing a song that makes you click your fingers and tap your toes? I'm not a huge country fan - but I just yearn to dance to this.........

A pretty sunset - where the sun burnishes the clouds and turns the sky purple. One where you get a crick in your neck from admiring the stunning colours.

And finally - thank you, God - for this man:

and television commercials like this:



Tara said...

Well a special lady deserves special things honey. I'm honoured to call you my friend.

LadyBugCrossing said...

You have many blessings, my friend!!

Tracie said...

What a great never realize just how many blessings you have until you start counting them!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm glad you have all these wonderful people in your life my dear CQ and that includes Johnny...I know there is much to be thankful for it's just hard at times to see what those things are...
BUT, I'm grateful with all my heart for you and the blogesphee...and that darling man JD, too...And, I am deeply grateful that there is this handsome long haired man in my life who is the greatest comforter one could have.
You are in my thoughts my dear...!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Those are many fine blessings, CQ. Glad your blogbuddies are amongst them.

TC said...

What wonderful blessings. I had to smile at the johnny Depp one. LOL I would definitely consider him a blessing to the world.