Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday at the Aginoth's

Yesterday I went to the Aginoth's for the day. A barbeque to help A Jnr celebrate his 6th birthday.

All the crazies were there, except for RCA who got a better offer (a Rolling Stones concert!).
Cyberkitten, Sleepypete, Bionic Dwarf, Aginoth, Mrs Aginoth, the Aginothlings and several of their re-enactment friends.

The rain held off for the barbeque and it was glorious; lots of delicious food and my usual absolute 'kosher' veggie barbie grill for my food. I am a strict veggie, but as Aginoth said, once he knows the rules, he has no problem making allowances for my diet. I love these people!

Then a pleasant afternoon and evening lounging in the garden. I went and watched some tots tv with LMB and then stayed in the front room alone for a bit gathering my thoughts.

Later Aginoth fired up the firebox and we sat out under the gazebo by the light of the fire swapping stories.

The hard rain that came pushed all but the most manly men inside. Aginoth, Bionic Dwarf, Malc and Pete stayed outside shooting the breeze while the rest of us filled the front room and watched Batman.

I met the membership officer for the re-enactment group and I am reassured I have a dress and an undershift (apparently the membership officer's - why HE has a dress is still a mystery!), I have a bed for the weekend in a friend's tent, and my bowl, cup, knife etc are all taken care of. Also, they know I am vegetarian - apparently there are a couple there already.

So next weekend I will definitely be stepping into the 14C as a peasant woman for two days. If I like it, I may stay. If I don't, then at least I have tried it!

[mental note to self - must learn to sew!]

Thank you, Aginoths, for a wonderful day! I know I'm not fantastic company at the moment, but, as ever, you are my unflinching support.



Tara said...

Awwww sounds like you had a fab time. That firebox looks so cosy!!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Wow! Sounds like fun! I wish the commute across the pond wasn't so long - I'd have loved to have been there! I can't wait to see your re-enactment dress - you are taking pix, right? You will have a great time!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Juggling Mother said...

CQ, you are always fantastic company!

Glad you had a good time:-) despite LMD, who is just getting rather annoying now!

YellowRose said...

Sounds like a fun time at the Aginoths!

I can't wait to hear about your travels back in time!! Take pictures!! Or do you have to draw pictures! LOL

Love ya Queenie!

Bob-kat said...

Sounds like you had fun! Good.

I always have a fab time with you, so there :-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Glad you had a good day, my dear...And it is wonderful that the Aginoths "get" your vegetarianess! (lol...don't know if that is a word, but it is now!)

I hope things begin to lighten up for you dear CQ...and also hope the reanactment turns out to be great fun for you!
Viryaul Hugs to you, my dear, dear.

Le laquet said...

See doesn't an evening under the stars in a gay-zebra makes everyone feel great. Unfortunately I am know covered in huge bite marks (probably the onset signs of Malaria or Dengue fever)due to a similar evening of good Dutch food and red wine under a grape vine! The things we suffer eh?

p.s. Did they wear hessian knickers in the 14th century?

Zeus said...

It sounds like a great time! To me, that is the best when you can enjoy good food and good company with no regard to time whatsoever.

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Killired said...

hello your royal highness! i've been away for some time but i am back... and have a lot to catch up on! i love sitting around the fire... so peaceful and fun!

David said...

looks like a fun time - good to see the gang having a time out together