Monday, August 07, 2006

Free Internet!

I'm back at my windscreen place, taking advantage of their free internet! The trim came off my windscreen recently and the whole thing needs to be taken out and refitted. So I have about an hour to spare....[wrinkled grin]
And blogging beats reading cheesy magazines about so-called celebs and their wasteful lives. Who cares if Madonna has veiny hands, David Tennant (Dr Who) isn't such a pinup in shorts, some girl called Mischa is skinny and Posh Becks doesn't eat??

Real life is slogging away at a 9-5 job (well, in my case 8-5!), going home, cooking, cleaning, and then falling exhausted into bed.

You know the feeling when you have definitely not earned something? I went over to Dawn's blog, cos I know she's been having some struggles lately and what do I see.........?
"Craziequeen is one of my all time favourite bloggers. She’s articulate, she’s smart, funny, and very down to earth. She also posts about some amazing things."
[looks shamefaced]
I haven't been to visit many people lately 'cos of my deepening depression and Dawn is one of those. I feel like crap. I must go and make amends [rushes over to Retarded Rugrat]
OK, amends made to Mah Sis.

She has a very interesting post on her blog atm, go on over - everyone is *bound* to have an opinion :-)

As I've just been mistaken for a member of the garage staff, maybe it's time for me to stop blogging on this free connection..........



LadyBugCrossing said...

LOL!! Only you can get mistaken for a garage staff member!!!
That's hysterical!!

YellowRose said...

I have recently become addicted to Dr. Who!!! But we're in Season One here in the states....I hear there's a new Doctor. :( I really like this Doctor, so I hope the new one is really good!!!

Being mistake for garage staff...only you my Queenie!! LOL

Have a wonderful day and week!!

mar said...

LOL, what are you wearing to be mistaken for garage staff??
hugs,my dear. You are the one and only royal blogger.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My Darlin'..I so don't want your depression to be deepening...but I do understand on some level....for different reasons....It's hard to 'keep up' sometimes, isn't it...I mean The Spirit...?

BTW: I love your Crayon goody over on your sidebar....I LOVE Crayons more than I can say...Such yummy colors and I've always like the way the smell, too...Do you, my dear?

I so 'get' how boring it is to read about these celebs, except you know who, wgo rarely has much written about him and his personl whatevers....or if he does, I don't see that...
I'm going over to Dawn's right now but before I is a BIG BIG HUG!

Tracie said...

They must have some interesting garage staff there if you are being mistaken for one!


Ohhhh.....I really am very sorry for how you feel. Don't let depression get you down. I know you're a strong woman and you won't let this happen to you right?
Hugs and Kisses.....Have a nice week.

Tara said...

My sistah! If you could only have seen me when I read this post! I read it and jumped out of my chair running round the living room shouting omg, she pimped me! My blogsistah pimped me! whilst Jeffers stared at me with ever deepening concern.

My dear sistah, I so understand where you're at with your depression right now. Mine has hit again with a jolt, and so I'm back to staying awake till 4 - 5am, and then not getting up till midday. I HATE the insomnia that comes hand in hand with the whole thing, it makes me feel even worse when I get like 4 hours sleep just because I can't sleep once I DO go to bed.

Hugest hugzzzzzzzzzzz sent your way hon, thankyou SO much for "pimping" me LOL, it cheered me up.

Bob-kat said...

Garage staff???? I hope you set them straight right away! I hope UM leaves you alone soon. Big hugs from me in the meantime.

ribbiticus said...

hi my dear cq! just came over to cheer you up. don't let depression get the best of you - it'll pass. anyways, hugs and kisses to you all the way from the philippines! ;)

Kukka-Maria said...

I can always come and lick your face. It always cheers my agent up.

And grosses her out.

The compliment from Dawn is well-deserved. Take it, store it in your heart, then pass it on. It's bound to help you fight this depression head-on!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

How soes one get mistaken for a garage staff member?

WendyWings said...

Were you wearing greasy overalls again ? LOL
I am just trying to do a mega read/catchup/comment fest as well.
Hugs to you today.
August 9th is a bad day for me normally so I am doing my best to just not go there today.
( I finally updated as well)

Anonymous said...

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