Friday, August 04, 2006

What to blog about?

I've been very down lately and have been struggling to blog, as some of you know.

So - what to blog about today?

Well, let's start with my sidebar - some may have noticed a couple of 'small' badges on there.

The UK/US flags for a start........well, this grew out of the
Britcats blog 'waving a paw at all their Mericky friends'. I couldn't find an emblem that integrated UK, US, Canada, Philippines, New Zealand, Spain, Tanzania etc etc etc.........but the UK/US flags, to me, represent the brotherhood of blogger.

Under the UK/US flags is a little badge with an unknown name on it and a location. I am part of the 2996 for 9/11. 9/11 was a US tragedy that caused worldwide outrage and I have my reasons for signing up, which will be made clearer at a later date.
D Challener Roe is spearheading this initiative, wanting 2996 bloggers to remember the 2996 victims, so if you want to help to mark this tragedy go to his blog
Where were YOU on 9/11?

OK, that's my sidebar covered.

I wasn't at work today. I suffered quite a bad back spasm last night and had back pain all night, so took the day off. The pain and spasming has been consistent through the day, so the weekend looks like being fun. If only I could find my

I have a new pen-name. A pseudo-pseudonym if you will. My new name is Malkia. Isn't it CUTE?? It's a Kiswahili name, which I chose as a result of talking to Eric Mutta in far away Tanzania. The Swa names are taking off over on
Hippothingy! Now all I need is a fun logo for my new name. Any ideas?
Anyone know what Malkia means? (I do, in case you're wondering!)

In a recent post comments,
Naomi mentioned the Depp/Letterman interview.
"By the way...JD was on David Letterman here last Thursday...My God, he looked AMAZING! He sure makes the heart flutter. (And a few other things, too...) And he was wonderful, as always."

Well, if you're interested, you can find Part One here and Part Two here. I'm saving them for a rainy day, which with my current mood swings might be tomorrow!

I didn't win Wendy's
Casting Call again this month [packs away chainsaw]. But she racked up a stunning 648 comments! Kudos, Wendy [bows VERY low]. And she introduced a couple of the more daring blogging felines to the world of homo sapien blogging, namely Superstar Kukka-Maria and the Majestic Zeus. These two are definitely worth a visit!

The Crazies went to see Cars last week. I can recommend it. Simple plot, but fantastic attention to detail as alway with Pixar. If you go, don't try and beat the credits - stay in your'll kick yourself if you don't!

And finally - that long hair that surprised you all when you saw my photo..?
It's gone........all chopped off.....into a short bob. I'm still not sure if I like it, but I have had some complimentary comments......

Update: OK, I've seen the Depp interview and all I can say is HUBBA HUBBA.......!!!!!! He's so cute, he's SO self-effacing, he's SO.......him! [dribble]

Thank you Naomi for telling me about it, thank you, thank you, thank you........



Fizzy said...

oooo am I first? am? am I?
*goes and hits the publish button before anyone steps into this spot*

Fizzy said...


I am sorry you had a tough week. You know I understand, I too have had a slight crash. I have been fighting so hard to keep control this week.

JD is definately good therapy.

Am going away in the morning for a week and am soooooooo giddy that I can not sleep! I have been telling the children not to get too excited too!!! I think it is called pot calling the kettle black!

Keep in touch and look after yourself
xx Fizz xx

Fizzy said...

ooooooooooooooooooooooooo I am second now too!

Fizzy said...

And third... think I better stop now- you may be giving that duck some wierd looks

Fizzy said...

OOOO and I updated my last post to include the word game again...I know you like it

WendyWings said...

Ok honey you CANT win because you are already on my blogroll so by default you ARE a winner every time lol.
You are still entitled to put the winner badge on your sidebar ( Naomi just did lol)
I actually saw the Depp interview on Letterman, quite by accident what a HAPPY accident that was omgosh he looked great. You can tell he detests doing this type of publicity though lol.
My 18 year old just had her long hair cut off into a much shorter style and she hates it , shrugs I told her not to do it but what would her mother know right.
BTW I posted chocolate pictures today lol.


I think this happens to all of us sometimes. I for one sometimes can't think of anything to say. It's good I have these Monday Memories, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Thursday Thirteen, Friday Feast and the Photo Hunt Scavenger which makes my whole week.
About your flags, have you tried the United Nations Flag. These I think may solve your problem about merging the countries. Am I right?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

(*clears throat*) Yes! I put Wendy's Star on my Sidebar...feeling quite quilty about it since I've never won either, BUT...she said I could!

Soooo happy you found a source for Le Depp...I think it will cheer you up a lot, dear CQ...
Sorry that things are a struggle right now...I hope they get better very very soon....

Hey! How about a picture of your new "Hair"...
I send you very BIG hugs from out here in Hollywoodland, where it is cooled off very nicely indeed....

LadyBugCrossing said...

I saw that Depp/Letterman interview the other night. I happened to be up doing ebay mailings and creating a blog for a friend of mine. (When it goes public, I'll let you know...) It was a very good and interesting interview. I must say... I did stop what I was doing to watch it... That might be why I had bags I could pack under my eyes the next day... I just HAD to watch!

Hope that back pain of your gets better soon. I can totally relate.

As for your hair - we need a picture, girlfriend!!

Have a great day!

mar said...

I have many different ideas for a post but nothing complete or exciting...*sigh* And then nice fellow bloggers leave such nice comments, that's all I care about!!

Sorry to hear about your back, I think what you are looking for is called Voltaren both in Spain and Germany.(Yes, I checked out your link!) Mr Mar and I sometimes feel we should use it as bath gel...if you know what I mean...
Hugs, cq, dear. Would love to see a smiling picture of you with your summer look!

Wystful1 said...

Well, can't get enough of J D! (I just finished watching Edward Scissorhands for the umpteenth time)

Happy Saturday

ribbiticus said...

yes, dear cq, johnny is and will forever be a major hunk. ;)

Tara said...

Hi hon!

Sorry I haven't been around too often. Things have been super busy, and then yesterday things went to total hell. If you've read my blog, you'll know what I'm referring to.

I promise I'll try to get back and start posting comments more often.

Take care,

MysteriousLady said...

Okay, I like sidebars, I lost mine this week and it was a major pain getting it back.

I missed the JD/Letterman interview because the vcr kicked out the tape and I was sleeping and didn't hear it happen.

So I could comment more, or go and listen. I am so thankful you got the interview! YES!

Bob-kat said...

See, I turn my back for one moment and you get scalped! Seriously i can't wait to see it, I am sure you look great. Sorry your back is not good. It sounds awful :-( I will catch up with you soon - I will be recuperating this week after a visit to hospital myself. Hope you feel better in every way very soon.

Zeus said...

I think it's funny that you got your hair bobbed as my human pet did the same thing this past week. She says it feels so good not having all the hair weighing her down in this unbearable heat!

I get writer's block a lot too, Crazie Queen, but it will pass. One thing that helps me is I keep a small list of ideas of items to write about so when I do have my blockages, I can release them by turning to my list! Perhaps you could give that a go!

Tracie said...

Sometimes it is hard to think of something to blog....but don't worry, you just keep posting that great picture of JD and we will all keep coming back!

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