Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Memory

I remember being young(er).

I remember being thin(ner).

I remember being keen(er).

I remember staying up and drinking all night....

I remember still getting to work the next day!

I remember kissing the boys and making them cry (all's fair!)

I remember when life didn't seem this hard.

I remember when all I wanted in life was to be a wife and mother (failed the first, can't do the second).

I remember when love was the drug.

I remember when I was young [sigh]

And I remember sitting my exams earlier this year - my results are due out this week!


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Tara said...

Good luck with your exam results honey! I know you've passed with flying colours :D

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh yes....I identify with many off those things my dear CQ....this a great list and what a lovely video for a Monday...I have to check out that YouTube....EVERYONE has a clip on their blogs these days and they are all FABULOUS! But, I particularly love this clip, a WHOLE lot!
Fingers are crossed and legs and toes, too about those coming results, my dear.

MysteriousLady said...

Hope you passed! I'm sure you did!

Tracie said...

I know you did great!!
Love the video clip!

Bob-kat said...

I KNOW you passed but I am sending all the good luck vibes I can master :-)

Btw - just because you are not married doesn't mena you're not a good 'wife' to your partner.

keda said...

uughhh robert redford!!! yuuuuuummmmmmmmyyyy ;) :):):)

he'd make anyone feel sad. (after the excited tingly stuffs wears off and you realise you'll never snog him)

i'm sure you passed too darling.

but can i just say.. i don't beleive anyone fails as a wife (or husband) stuff just can't work sometime. we all fail at a lot of shit. but i dont believe you can fail alone in that. my tupence worth :)

mar said...

Well, I don't get to see the video for some reason... I see the blank space though...I remember being smarter, didn't need to read instructions more than once ... I am sure you passed your exams!!! wife is just another term for partner (you haven't failed), mother means "to mother" someone (you do that everyday! you look after someone, you care for someone, you worry about someone, cry when that someone hurts you, laugh when that someone is happy, you could throw that someone out of the window when he/she drives you crazy...this is getting too long!)

YellowRose said...

Hello my dear Queenie! I have it on good authority as I am a Diva, that you have aced this exam so rest easy! ;) As for the "mothering" I have to agree with everything that our dear Mar wrote. Sending you a great big hug!! Love ya dear Queenie!

CyberKitten said...

I remember all of those too...

Oh, except maybe for the kissing boys bit [yuck]... oh, and the wife bit too.....[snigger].

..but all the rest... I do remember them.... fondly...

Lazy Daisy said...

Mar is a genius listen to her. Miss you.

Zeus said...

I really hope you passed your tests, Queen! I am sure you did and with flying colors. As for remembering being younger, I think you still have the spirit of youth within you yet!