Tuesday, May 02, 2006

6th BlogOlympic Training Camp Results

It's all over bar the shouting. Kudos to those people who picked up on the phrase 'massage your ego' and tried lots of different ways to score. Bad, BAD Scouser for trying to cheat again!

I ran a couple of names myself, for people who had unsuccessfully entered (but whose blogs I knew were popular):
OldOldLady came out with a substantial score!
Jake Silver also came out with a better score (than zero!)
Dena also came out better with a new surf

So here are the medals results. Remember: top 10% gold, bottom 10% bronze, all the rest; silver....ready?? And awaaaay we go!

Bronze medals go to:

bob-kat 0
Cozy Reader 640
Mandy 747
Carolyn 765
Ruth 801

(with a little kudos to bob-kat and her week old blog getting in there and having a go! Go say hello!)

Silver medals are awarded to:

melli 1100
Friday's Child 1629
Heather 1693
erin 2404
Mom Nancy 2480
dena 3341
mar-see-ah 3408
Suzy 3426
Nancy 3528
Singapore Girl 3538
David 3683
Binnsy 3699
Jake Silver 3721
Battle Rocker 4280
Laquet 5143
kristarella 5643
Barbara Miers 5670
Mar 6010
Yellow Rose 6213

Trinity13 6363
Scouser 7073
keda 7176
tnchick 7195
eph2810 7396
Ficken Chingers 7527
Keb 8178
Miss Cellania 8231
Rashbre 8339
Gnome 8375
Average Girl 9013
Fizzy 9047
OldOldLady 9201
Minerva 9313

And the Gold Medallists are:

Killired 9726
*lynne* 10017
Jen 10329
Mrs Aginoth 10445
Wendy Wings 10532

Many thanks for taking part - what an impressive turnout!! :-)

Check BlogOlympicHQ for details of the next camp!

See you there!!

btw - Paste? If you'd been in time, you'd have got a silver! 4120....bad luck, honey! Try the next one.



Jen said...

I think I'm gonna cry!

Thanks, craziequeen, for all your hard work!

Killired said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! thanks crazie!!!!!!!! LOVES YA LOTS!

craziequeen said...

Don't thank me - it's your dedication in getting your blog 'out there' that made the scores...

It was fun! :-)


WendyWings said...

Well that is egotastic LOL
Thanks for hosting, I think I better stick to ONE way of writing my name from now on LOL.

Barbara said...

craziequeen - This was so much fun, you're a wonderful hostess!

Congratulations to all the medalists!

Miss Cellania said...

Hey, ya got any html for those buttons?

Barbara said...

I've got the overall standings up at my blog.

Killired said...

thanking you for being a GREAT hostess! and by the way... anyone know what is up with the blog father? seems like he never updates and i have had my name on his list for a long time to get his review! anyone?

Lazy Daisy said...

Great job girlfriend.....look at all the new people you brought in. Quite impressive lot. Seems like everyone had fun too. I doubt if "Lizzie" could have done as well.

schaumi said...

The things you find out...
I really have no idea what all is out there for bloggers..

Melli said...

WoW! I can't believe I got silver again -- looks like I made it by the skin of my teeth! :)

Thank you sO much for hosting the Olympics this time CrazyQueen! I had a great time!

Congratulations to everyone!!!

mar said...

Thanks, cq, for being such a graceful hostess, and I am so glad I could make it on time, yes!
Congratulations to all the medalists!! *waves*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I never saw you CQ, vause I came to the Blog Olympiv party so late in the day/night...but I went ahead and tried it as you know... I don't understand something: How come the numbers are different each time it's done on the same thingy..Google? According to the comments I left you, I had 9252 and then 9586...and I didn't do anything any different either time...then I see a different number on the final list. What's the story about that? (I'm not counting the very first time when it was ZERO cause I actually made a mistake...What a surprise!! LOL)
Anyway, it was fun seeing how that blue line thing moved along....
You are a very VERY gracious wonderful hostess and you explain things so fantasically...Thank You For All That You Do & Did!

Jake Silver said...

Well I don't know what I did wrong, but thanks for correcting my score for me.

chichimama said...

You were a wonderful hostess, but I think I got left out of the medals!!! Or was I too late in posting?

Ruth said...

Ok, first time and I got a bronze, I will definately aim higher next time!! Thanks for hosting, this was a lot of fun and to meet other bloggers too!

singaporegrrl said...

woohoo! I'm a silver medalist. Fabulous!

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks for doing this. I remembered to come back over here and check, when I saw I am AGAIN the biggest ego on Egosurf tonight.

Its all about mE ME ME!

Anonymous said...

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