Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mopping Up

Any big event requires a lot of cleaning up.....[waves mop] Good thing I have staff!!

Clara! You missed a bit!

First of all, an apology - were right I missed you off the here you go! :-)

chichimama - 6511

Hope you won't hold this mistake against me - and come back soon! :-)
To my dear friend, OldOldLady - what can I say, you should have been recorded with 9586....I was reading too quickly!
And how the scores change? Egosurf is not static. The more you visit your ego - the totals change. There also may have been people visiting your blog or searching for it, or linking to it while we were playing! My ego is never the same twice! Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down......bit like Real Life actually! :-)
To all those first time visitors - you are welcome to come back...more the merrier at the Palace.....
And if you want the html for the medals - I just saved the icons to My Documents, then uploaded them into my template and the posts through blogger photo. I don't know if Barbara holds html for the medals.


CyberKitten said...

Hey Clara... [knowing wink]

Killired said...

thanks again cq... very fun olympiad!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My Dear Pal...Thank you for the info on how that works..As you may recall I am an ignoramous when it comes to all these Bloggy Related Thingys...So, I dearly appreciate you explaining to me how this works....Who thinks these complex Thingys up, pray tell? Like this ever changing measurement of the ever changing Blog is utterly AMAZING!!!

I see from above that Clara is over her Hangovers from your very special party...Good to see her again. Again, my sweet friend, I thank you with all me heart! It was fun! (But then so was Johnny D. too! Thanks for that as well...yum)

chichimama said...

Thanks! I'll be back, don't worry :-)!

Barbara said...

I figured out how to post the HTML code for the medals. Get them here: Blog Olympics Medals

rashbre said...

great fun with the olympics and some amazing scores.
And here today via Michele's. I couldnt really post on WW or TT.


Anonymous said...

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