Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things going on in my life at the moment:

1. Next week I am going back to school.

2. It's an intensive two week course with exams in June for a qualification in Health and Safety. Passing this course is a requirement of my new job.

3. It means two weeks away from home - and I suffer from terrible homesickness.

4. And two weeks away from my blog - although I will be back on the weekends.

5. It's equivalent to an A'level here in England, and I am acutely aware I failed my A'levels 23 years ago!

6. My sister in law has had an operation and is recovering nicely :-) [hugs, M]

7. I am arranging to go to see my Mother in June.

8. While I am away on my course, my office will be preparing to move to another location - hope they leave me a map, or at least a trail of breadcrumbs!

9. I have decided to do the Sunwalk this year - more later.

10. Ugly Monster is here.

11. I went to see 16 Blocks last night - I can recommend it as a light piece of action movie fluff - with blood!

12. My parents in law are visiting this weekend on their way on holiday.

13. I'm scared I will fail my course........


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WendyWings said...

Good luck with the class, you can DO IT !!!! :)

Fizzy said...

If I can do it , then you can too!
How far away from home to you have to go?

craziequeen said...

Fizz - Birmingham.....not too far, but still - not home.... :-(


mar said...

Think positive, cq dear! you can do it, you WILL. Too bad you have to go away, but then that will allow you to concentrate on the main issue. Good luck!

YellowRose said...

I believe you will do just fine with your class! I'll be thinking about, as you know, you will be greatly missed!!

Happy Thursday, my 13 is up!

CyberKitten said...

My phone will be on... If I remember to switch the damned thing on when I get home.... [grin]

You'll be fine.....!

Fizzy said...

Oooo never been to Birmingham before.

I have done a Thursday Thirteen this week too.

Going back to studying is daunting but as an adult you have a totally different approach to the approaches and attitudes you had as a teen.
Will be thinking about you

Bob-kat said...

UM is wrong - you can do the course and pass. I should know as ex-evil boss! I have faith in your ability!!

LibertyBelle said...

If you're scared you'll fail, you will, so don't be scared of failing - work at achieving your goals! Think positive, take control and do the best you can!
good luck!

Denise said...

Good luck on your course and test! I'm sure you will do fine!

Titanium said...

Good luck with your course.
I'm glad your sister in law is recovering well. :)

Reverberate58 said...

Good Luck! I hope you do well. Nice list thanks for sharing.

Killired said...

YOU WILL NOT FAIL YOUR COURSE! there... enough said... keep your head up!

Undercover Angel said...

That's great that you're taking a course. You'll do great! My TT is up.

*Skittles* said...

Great list! Hope ya do great in your course. ;)

Lazy Daisy said...

First of all....has Lizzie called you yet to "declare you a National Treasure?" Well she should. Secondly, you will do wonderfully well. You seem to forget how clever, smart, and talented you are....(you failed a long time ago when you were young and stupid!) Thirdly I will be praying that you do'll be missed in the blogsphere. You cracked me up with the bread crumb trail. My TT is's on Crisis Counseling, (does this count?) Love ya babe!

Barbara said...

Craziequeen - I hope you pass your exam. Don't worry about your blog, you're so fabulous no one will forget you.

Le laquet said...

We all worry when situations like this come along and returning to "school" as an adult is scary indeed! We're here if you need to rant/rave/scream etc

Dave said...

Good for you on the sunwalk, my wife is doing the 'Run for Life' again this year. Back to school, hmmm, good luck!

Uisce said...

school is cool! I wish I could learn me some new tricks!

Ruth said...

Hey, If you think positive you will do ok on the test, I would miss my family too if I was gone for that long.

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

You are a lot smarter than you were 23 years ago! You WILL pass your course!
Here via Michele's today

Sandy said...

Best of luck with your course! Cheering for you and looking forward to seeing the news that you've survived it and passed it!

Michele sent me over.

rashbre said...

Very best for the upcoming course!
I cheated this week and did a Friday Firteen cos I was out too late to do a TT.