Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Morning After

Morning all!!

You know, I am impressed by my constitution. I don't drink very often; in fact I can't remember the last time I was properly drunk, and I have issues with alcohol (but then I have issues with a lot of things!). But when I do, I can drink a lot and not suffer the next day.

We finally went to bed at 3am and I was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow in RCA's very comfortable spare bed. Drinking from 7pm to 3am will have that effect :-)

Also watching three films end to end have a draining effect!

I woke, headache free, at about 6.30 (brain still 'on-the-clock') and then dozed until 8.30. Ah, the luxury of not getting up at the whim of two feisty felines!

RCA is not doing so well, but she was on 'proper' beer and, as said below, made a dent in her stocks! But my sweet girly is busily cooking us breakfast while I blog. What luxury! Told you she spoils me!

During a break in the triple-header film fest, RCA read my tarot. Now, I'm reasonably sceptical about tarot, but I bought her this fantastic set of dragon tarot cards and she has to practice reading. My question was 'will I pass my exams?' - there's a no-brainer! What else am I likely to ask atm? Cyberkitten has also read my tarot in the past and he won't do it again, 'cos I rolled on the floor in paroxyms of laughter. RCA didn't reduce me to screaming hysterical laughter, but the cards dealt did bring a couple of tears to my eyes. (for those tarot readers out there - these are an illustration, NOT my cards!)

ooh - I hear the breakfast gong.......

Update: back at home now with two very happy felines. And my bed is calling to me.......



OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh you had one great time, didn't you? Good for you...And to be pampered and cared for too...Lovely! Lovely!
"Pirates Of The C" Eh? Cannot get enough of him, can you! (lol) I get it. I really do.

Zeus said...

My human pet used to read tarot while she was at college. She says the one you showed pictures of is the same deck one of her friends used. She always liked The Dragon Tarot, but my human pet went with The Zen Tarot instead because she liked the illustrations.

It's a shame though because for as pretty as they are, they just collect dust now as my human pet won't read them. I guess she got caught up with more important me!