Monday, May 01, 2006

It's the May Day BlogOlympic Training Camp!!

Happy May Day one and all....!!

The 6th BlogOlympic Training Camp is now CLOSED!

This training session is very simple :-)

Want to massage your ego??

And earn yourself pretty little medal buttons like these?

Go to this link and enter your name (as it appears on your blog) and your blog's name.

For example; I would enter craziequeen and (no need for the http) and then click on 'find your space'. egoSurf calculates ego-points based on google searches.

A quick note: ensure your URL is accurate, no "http://" and no backslashes at the end.


Just put the number of ego-points your blog gains in the comments section.

So my comment would read

'craziequeen + = 8316'.

Gold for the top ten percent, Bronze for the bottom ten percent, and Silver for all those in the middle! Medal results will be announced on Tuesday night.

Go on, have a go - massage that ego!

Some have asked where the fun comes into's the 'taking part', it's meeting new bloggers (the Olympic blogroll is somewhat different to my regular readership, it's judging your blog alongside so many others, it's reading Lazy Daisy's wonderful commentary, it all in the game.

And if it all gets too much - here is the Cool-Out Corner....... :-)

Only ten minutes remaining of the training camp........and the results so far are all tabulated! :-)



Killired said...

omg... this was so totally the coolest thing ever! I've never seen it before either...

killired + = 9726


yes, my ego is bigger, thank you very much!

Jane said...

This was very interesting. Here are my results:

cozy reader + = 640

Barbara said...

Trying to Catch Up + = 470 ego points

I have a pretty good sized ego. My head is no where as big as Killired's though.

Carolyn said...

This was fun, except for the part where it called me a "deadbeat" for only having a number of 765. Interesting, though. These training camps come up with the most interesting finds!

Heather said...

heatherstuff + = 1693 ego points. This was fun. Thank you!

Ruth said...


Ok, this is not bad I guess? First time at blog olympics and will be back!!

rashbre said...

rashbre + = 8339.
It says 'Passable'.

craziequeen said...

Barbara - that seemed a little low, so I have run it through egosurf again...

trying to catch up + = 1415


Barbara said...

Thanks craziequeen! My ego feels better already!

Killired said...

i ran mine thru several times... the first time i ran it thru, i had the / at the end of the .com because i forgot to erase it. when i deleted it and sent it thru as killired and i got the 9k number!

rashbre said...

I just found the "top egos" button on the site too! Here's the current top 50. (Ahem) - I can't help noticing that I'm in the list. ;-}

screenshot from egosurf!

Good luck to all doing this. Its strangely addictive...

Fizzy said...

Fizzy's Place =3595

How am I doing?
Have I trained enough?

Do I score extra points for trying to type oyawmf as a word verification?

Killired said...

i noticed the more you run it thru, the lower your numbers get.. i also clicked on the more options link and you can have it search other engines... which brings your score down too! so use your first one!!!!!

Fizzy said...

oooooooo I am not cheating honest but in January I changed my blog name from Fizzy's Nuthouse to Fizzy's Place.
If I enter Fizzy's Nuthouse = 9047

Shall I leave that one for the judges?

(without even mentioning the nwlyhfzb wv)

Mandy said...

Okay neither are much good LOL.. I've only had my new blog online for 3 days so mind if I go with my old one?

New blog - mandy + = 373

Old blog - Mandy + = 747

ugh tragic :(

singaporegrrl said...

singaporegrrl + = 3538

Must. Train. Harder.

Killired said...

ahem, mr rashbre... while you are listed in the top 50 searches, I am listed in the "biggest ego's" section... at #9... craziequeen is #2 (you go girl)!
I shal copy and paste if for you!


biggest egos1. ungluecklichgluecklich
18008 points
2. craziequeen
14645 points
3. gautam ghosh
13962 points
4. evil-asian21
12441 points
5. microsoft
12165 points
6. antville
11255 points
7. gelferreira
11014 points
8. zoomshare
9892 points
9. killired
9429 points
10. anil dash
9362 points
top 50 egos

Uisce said...

Just look at all of these fabulous scores! You'll all be on Wheaties boxes in no time!! Woo hoo!!!

Killired said...

you think? I better go get my hair done then... we all want to follow in your footsteps mr linky! you're the olympian hero that we all aspire to be like! so tell me... what was the photo session like with Wheaties?

Mom Nancy said...

Mom Nancy + = 2480

Fizzy said...

I'm off to sit in the corner.... the chill out corner... phwoar

WendyWings said...

Ok now unfortunetly I have a name that is sometimes input as WendyWings and sometimes Wendy Wings
I am not sure this is a good thing LOL
ego points
or this
wendywings wendy wings
I don't know you choose which one to use either way it's fine by me lol.

Jen said...

jen + = 354

WendyWings said...

Now everyone over to my place and get auditioning !
We are going for the record number today.

Killired said...

oh wendy... you must use your lower number.. I knew you'd be my biggest competition on this one... :)~
but as long as we both get gold... I'll still be ahead!!!!! hahahahaha!
(just teasin', all in fun, of course)

Jen said...

Wait, I did it wrong! jen's horde + = 10,329

I misunderstood. :-) Now I get it.

used*to*be*me* said...

Kebmillard/ = 8178

YellowRose said...

YellowRose + YellowRoses Garden = 6213

Hey my ego is getting big!! ;o)

Battlerocker said...

Battlerocker + = 4280

Needs some work appearently :)

Marcia said...

Mar-see-ah + got me 3408. Which is great, because my ego's big enough as it is! :):)

Thanks for hosting, CQ!!

Suzy said...

Wow! I am a loser compared to some of you guys! See Suzy Spin - 3426 (and counting...)

gnome said...

Great test... Thanks!
Google only and deep search enabled:
Gnome's 8375

on yahoo its 8737

Le laquet said...

Le Laquet + = 5143


'Friday's Child + = 1629'

David said...

whateverisnew + = 3683 points
thanks to my friends for linking me !!!!

Trinity13 said...

I got 6363!!!

dena said...

Well, I got a big fat 0.

Angie said...

ficken chingers +

Very cool! :) My ego is sufficiently stroked. ;)

Minerva said...

Just 600 points for Minerva and

What am I doing wrong?!

And thank you so much for introducing this to me!

no_average_girl said...

no_average_girl + = 8514

ok, so am i supposed to be some sort of airhead now? lol

Jen said...

Now as I'm looking at other folks' answers, I'm not sure which way I was supposed to do it, as Jen or as Jen's Horde? It's your call, Craziequeen :-)

Miss Cellania said...

Miss Cellania egopoints=
google 8231
yahoo 8724
delicious 20,028 Were we supposed to add all these together to get a total? A couple of weeks ago I was the #1 biggest ego
on Egosurf.

Barbara said...

Minerva - I used womanlyparts and and your score jumped way up to 9313!

TNChick said...

tnchick + = 7195

Assuming we just use Google and not adding the others (Yahoo, MSN)

Barbara said...

Dena - When I used morphemepalette and you were up to 3341

Barbara said...

craziequeen said just the google number, not the others.

Barbara said...

Me again - I want to change my score to 5670 for bmiers and
You should always have your url closely match the name of your blog. It will rank higher in search engines and people will remember it better.

nancy said...

blog pourri + = 3528

eph2810 said...

eph2810 + = 7,396

Jake Silver said...

Well, I got a big fat "0". Hahahaha. Thanks for that, CrazieQueen. On the other hand... this is my first visit to your Blog. I may have a look around here.

Erin said...

Using Empty Cerebrations + = 2404 (medium, apparently)

However, since many people haven't updated their links to my new site, I checked my old site, which links directly to my new site and did empty cerebrations + = 4481.

So total that would be 6885. But which ever number you choose to use is fine. :)

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

Not too sure which "name" to use, so I tried the "blog title", my blogger screen name and my "other" name:

Life After Work + = big fat zero, LMAO!

azlynne1972 + = 10017

lynne + = big fat zero, LMAO!

so, yeah.. let's use azlynne1972, shall we? *grin!*


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, just for the "fun" of it, I went to egopoints and did as you suggested and you know what I got???

HA! A BIG FAT '0'..Zero---Bupkus! Nada, Nothing. No Points.

So, tell me this, my dear..Where is the fun in that?
So, I went to visit Our Dear One....JD! The Darling Beautiful Mr. Depp! Now THAT, WAS Fun and A Half! (LOL)
Hope you all had a fabulous time..!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well... (*red faced and embarassed*)...I didn't do it right that first time. Oh Dear..I am deeply ashamed. But, I'm not sure I did it right the second time either, because on time two, this is the number that came up for Egopoints: 9252. Is that actually possible CQ? I put in OldOldLady Of The Hills and
I'm hiding my head in shame now. Flog me, please!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL..I went back and did it for thec3rd time and this time it came out 9586...!

What does it all mean, I wonder....Hmmmmmm.

I'm going to stop now...this is all the fun I can take in one night!...(I think I'll go take another look-see at You Know Who...My Johnny...well, I know he is not mine, but, I can dream, can't I?)

Anonymous said...

Binnsy + = 3699

keda said...

mamahog + = 7011


keda said...

oops wrong sorry its 7176*

Scouser said...

Scouser + = 1950

Minerva said...

Barbara - have I said that I love you?! I was quite crestfallen!

Bob-kat said...

Hmmm, no ego points for me but then I have just started my blog. Luckily my real ego is healthy!

chichimama said...

chichimama +

I love this site ;-)!

Scouser said...

Ok I tried again using Absolutely Average Scouser + and my ego was greatly massaged.

Google = 7073
Yahoo = 4624
MSN = 2902

Total (I am allowed to add these together as I'm cheating) = 14599.

Killired said...

of course scouser would cheat... do you expect anything less?

and barb is right... using the same name for everything should help! since i am killired everywhere and because it is unique, i dont have any other way to search!

oh and the more you search, the lower your number goes... my history shows 11 searches! Scouser did you search me so my # would go down?

Barbara said...

Daisy - Did you see that? Scouser is cheating, again!

no_average_girl said...

ok, as i have no clue how this works i went back to do it again (just for fun) and it came back with a higher numer of, what's the deal? sorry guys, i'm definitely a newbie when it comes to egos! lol

Killired said...

this one is confusing because it changes the more you do it and there are different ways to do it. as long as we do it the way she described and report the higher number, WITHOUT CHEATING (mr scouser) but I'm not mentioning any names or anything... we shoudl be fine!

mar said...

have no idea what I am doing, I got 1330 whatever... can't blame jet lag because I flew within the same time zone, lol, but I made it on time ;D

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, CQ....I counted 42 people that played! Woo Hoo, you rock girlfriend! offense taken to my comparison to you and the queen I hope!

Juggling Mother said...

oooh, oooooh, i got 10,445. Is that good? I don't know, but it's more than you *grin*. ego inflated enormously:-)

Whaddo I do now?

Melli said...

Goodness! Well, I did better on this than I expected to do! My ego points=1100!

mar said...

Next try:

craziequeen said...

I want to play! However, my internet is slow at the moment and the
comments page is taking so long to load! Possibly due to the volume of
comments plus profile pics. So just incase camp is over before I get a
chance to comment:
kristarella + = 5643 ego points


Killired said...

it says i am locked out... musta tried too many times!

Paste said...

Blast - missed it!

Kiki said...

Kiki+ = 0

my ego is crushed!