Sunday, April 30, 2006

Calling Notice for the 6th BlogOlympic Training Camp

6th BlogOlympic Training Camp
1st May 2006

Calling all BlogOlympians, experienced and greenhorns!!

OK, time to wipe up the
drool and get down to business, business being the 6th BlogOlympic Training Camp.

I begged, I cajoled, I grovelled, and
Barbara agreed I could host a Camp over here in the UK.
And I'm preparing early because I will be out all day tomorrow at
Glastonbury (weather permitting).

OK - the rules are very simple.....actually there are none - but I've had a lot of interest in this event amongst my, first-timers - read on!

1. This is FUN!!

2. Anyone can take part!

3. These events need nothing more than a blog to take part!

4. Nothing too serious - it's FUN!

5. Preparation for Camp just comprises reading this information!

6. The camp runs for 24 hours, but each training session should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your valuable time.

7. Did I mention the FUN??

8. And you get to put funky little buttons on your blog like mine over there [nods to sidebar]. Medals are awarded in ratio to your scores.

9. The camp kicks off at 10pm UK time (British Summer Time) on the 1st May (tomorrow) and the start time has been cleared with Barbara in BlogOlympicHQ.

10. Remember - FUN!

11. So that'll be somewhere between 2pm and 4pm in the US, depending on your time zone. Check
here (damned Daylight Savings/Summer Time - screwing up all the times!) And if you're still not sure, there is a countdown clock on my sidebar to make it just that little bit easier....

12. Finally, I'm sure our intrepid reporters LazyDaisy and Killired will be there noting down all the scandal - I mean results :-)

Now, just to reassure you, the training camps are usually comprised of games or exercises you put your blog through to see how you score on various measuring websites. We've had loading speed, balancing blogs against previous winners, blog parties to measure number of bloglinks, and a Technorati search. I can't tell you what my training camp will be until tomorrow, but it's something I check regularly to see how my blog is 'getting out there'!
And - while you're waiting for 'kick-off', I can strongly recommend WendyWings' monthly Casting Call! A great way to meet other bloggers you might not normally get to see.....


Artpuppy872 said...

Great! I am looking forward to doing it. So, It satrts tomorrow, May 1?


WendyWings said...

I will be there :)going for gold of course :D

Fizzy said...

OK should be there - training hard

Fizzy said...

Wendy directed me here today

I think you know me:)
still training can you hear the puffing and panting ?

craziequeen said...

I wondered what that noise was, Fizz :-))

Don't overdo it, just an exercise then look at the post below.....then another exercise and another peep at Johnny in the bath :-)

Training should be FUN! :-)


Kiki said...

I don't know what this is but I'm oddly excited! How do I sign up?
From Michele.

Fizzy said...

mmmmmmm just looking is putting me off my training regieme (sp?)

if I win can does the medal have his pic on ???? does it???

craziequeen said...

Kiki - more the merrier, my dear! Just turn up tomorrow and instructions will be here!

Fizz - it's 'regime' - or 'regimen'
tut tut - teachers today! :-)

and what is it about Mr Depp that make women go all wobbly???


Angie said...

Ok, call me daft, but I STILL don't get the blog olympics thing. :( What am I missing?

Oh, Hi! I'm visiting from Wendy's place.

kenju said...

I've no time for camp this summer - sorry!

As for Depp, isn't it his lips that drive us wild?

srp said...

I may come back just to see what it is in real life. Mondays are my busy day. Dog to chemo. Mom to doctor. Getting ready for Monday night meeting. Whew, tired just listing them.

Here from Michele.

Cyndy said...

Wow all that exercise???
Here via Michele

keda said...

hmm. fan mail and missing god daughter. sob.
rufus sewell hell yeah!!!! i have rather lovely story involving a drunken night and mr roooof.
if i could only find an email adres for you i'd share, but not here.
here via michele tonight darlin and happy to be as always.

keda said...

ooh and enjoy glastonbury!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What's the FUN part again??? (lol)

Here from the wonderful Michele today, my dear...I thought you explained all of that very very well but I'm still unclear on the fun part...Well, I'm old.

Glastonbury looks awesome! Hope the weather permits!

Sparkling Diamond said...

OK, I'm motivated and warmed up by the Johnny pics and ready to play!
I will remain

Theo said...

here from Michele.

i'm too old for sports. ;)

Barbara said...

Craziequeen - I can't wait for the opening. Thanks for hosting!

Robin said...

If I can figure it out, I might try it...a little confused, though! I'm here from Michele's today!

Jen said...

Ooh, I keep wanted to do one of these and I keep missing the beginning! Yay!

I'm so glad Wendy directed me to come here today!

Fizzy said...

I am going to have to get pirates of the caribbean out .... phewwwwwwwweeeeeeeee

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

One more time, my dear CQ...Have you gone off to sleepyland? I hope you have the sweetest dreams possible, my dear...Here once again from Michele's...


Okay, I'm ready I hope blogger will be kind today.

eph2810 said...

I'll do my best tomorrow. Can't wait until it starts. You made the announcement very interesting.

margalit said...

OK, you talked me into it. I have NO CLUE as to what it is, but if it has something (anything???) to do with Johnny Depp, I think you know I'm IN.

I'll check in tomorrow for instructions. I'm so confuzzled!

Battlerocker said...

I'm interested as well. No clue as to whats going on though. I'll show up and see what happens. :)

Dustin said...

so who is going to send me a ticket to attend?


Killired said...

dustin, i will send you a ticket! there it is... did you get it? I'm that fast, you know! come, watch us... it's a blast!

and for all the confused people about the blog olympics... cmon, it's not rocket science... it's a fun blogging activity that barbara created while the winter olympics were going on and it has evolved into something huge! ok maybe not huge but it's pretty big and there are quite a few people involved in it!!!!!!

so stop being confused... come to today's/tonight's event and see what it's all about! participate to get your feet wet and if you don't have fun then SCRAM! just kidding... it's hard not to have fun... especially after reading lazy's reports... she is a hysterical writer... and very creative... she should win an award!!!!

anyway... crazie.. i've been so busy with my school work that i hope i'm in shape for this training... you know i have to keep my high score in this so did you make sure it's something i can win? hahahaha... actually, i have no idea what you're doing and cannot wait to see what it is! I'm off to write "what makes an effective social studies teacher" paper and then i'll be back!!!!!!

Le laquet said...

I just know I am going to have problems staying awake that late *shrugs and smiles* I'm a mornings person! But I'll do my best :o)

Anonymous said...

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