Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Normal Service has resumed....

Well, as you can see, last night was a bad night in the Palace. Such is the curse of depression, sometimes you don't realise how bad you are.
On reflection, I was going to delete that post today. But the comments came rolling in, so I left it. Thank you for your kind comments :-)
This is not a 'warts and all' journal - this is supposed to be THERAPY! Sheesh!

Anyway, did you all see that lovely message Genuine left for me on the 'Shallow Hal' post? How sweet is that man? And the blogging community have outstripped the $240 by $33 - yep, a magnificent $273 was raised by your thoughtfulness! :-) So little Ben will be remembered with a magnificent plaque in the Memorial Garden at the Anschutz Cancer Centre. Does't it look peaceful in the picture? Somewhere family and friends can be close to those they can no longer see.
Rest in peace and tranquillity, Ben. You will be remembered the world over.

oh, and Superhero Genuine?? You are going on my blogroll - I'm proud to call you 'friend' too :-)



Lazy Daisy said...

Ahhh....my dearest queen...we all have our areas of being shallow. You are such a sweet and caring person to everyone you know so I find it hard to believe that your physical appearance would ever slow you down. We all have areas in our life's we don't like...but you my queen have never taken yourself seriously....that's what makes you unique and special!


Good you didn't delete that post.
You wouldn't have read your co-bloggers comments.

Tara said...

I got Goosebumps reading this post dear Sistah. That memorial garden looks like a very special place to remember a very special little boy.

I'm so happy to hear that we all outstripped the budget. Ben will have an amazing Plaque.

So glad you're feeling better sistah :-)