Friday, April 14, 2006

The Aftermath

Well judging by the mess, a good time was had by all!

Amongst highlights;

Cyberkitten pulled my maid!

My valet, Walt, was most accommodating - or so I understand! Amongst others; Dawn and OldOldLady were taken by his youthful charms and - er - energy!

Rashbre turned up with a delicious hamper of food for all including skewered Garlic Chicken with Coriander Chutney; a selection of Peking duck wontons, deep-fried and served with Plum Sauce and rather improbably some mini Yorkshire puddings with pink lamb & minted gravy. Not to mention the char grilled asparagus with the scrummy Hollandaise sauce - the latter were a big hit with Dawn! That girl knows how to party!

Aginoth and Mrs Aginoth took a short break from sewing and the media circus to join us for a few drinks and dave managed to sample most of the cellar!

Kerry left her Little Princess at home and partied down with us, enjoying the champagne a lot!

We were also graced with the company of Paste and Cheeks. The former was, I think, stopping off on the way home from somewhere else. But even in his alcoholic haze, he managed to charm Jane! Being Royalty, I won't harp on about what he did to my very expensive carpet and a Louis XIV chair!

Music included Queen [pokes tongue out at Keda), Nina Simone and The Mad.

Wendy turned up with her film crew and Yellow Rose made it all the way from Georgia, bearing a gift of Krug, Clos du Mesnil [which was duly hidden by me. Here it is, see?

I finally gave in at 2am.......not bad considering certain people had had me up since 3am yesterday morning.......[glares at felines]

Dawn and I managed a quiet blogsisterly moment before I headed off to my bedchamber. Walt and Clara looked after the guests that arrived later.

Cat and Kitty had a late night raid of my champagne stores and OldOldLady came back for more partying.....and Walt from the sound of it!

Barbara, Derby's Mum (Derby is a pal of Charlie Cat's!) and T came later to sample the champagne and dig into my crab cakes, shortly joined by Stephanie and Ribbiticus.

And to top it all off, Rashbre turned up this morning with fresh coffee and croissants for me, Ribbiticus finally found her way back to the drawing room (I think she got lost in the 23 reception rooms!) and Jane popped in to see if anyone had survived.......

btw - has anyone seen Genuine's underwear? Clara??

and now, it being Good Friday, I am going to binge on hot cross buns!



Paste said...

Oh my aching head, did I do anything I shouldn't have?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a lovely gathering CQ. I returned a number of times to the uhhh Drinking Room...shall we say...HA!
I hope I didn't embarass myself by stripping naked, as I have been known to do in the past...though I have been in a 12 step program for this affliction....of course, I don't usually drink like I did last night...Honestly, I truly don't...anymore, that is.
Great Food! Great Company! And a Super Hostessing job, my dear.

Do you happen to have a phone number for Walt?

Thanks so very much for the fun & frivolity, dear CQ. You outdid yourself!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Did I miss the party? I think I was asleep at the time.

You are invited to my 200th post party over the weekend, in which all on my bloglist will be featured!

Marcia said...

You always have the best parties (which lead to the worst Champagne hangovers in the morning!)!!!

I believe I left my mink stole over at your palace... could you have Clara send it back?

Barbara said...


Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely party! I had so much fun, the after parties are always so much more entertaining. Sorry we left the place such a mess, it looked fine to us last night!

craziequeen said...

Paste - no worries mate, actually I think you pulled! :-)

OOL - Walt says hello and you can reach him on 555-SEXY.

J-L - you did, dear.....the alcohol was flowing and the girls were numerous - and drunk! :-)

Mar-see-ah - my pleasure....would that be the pink mink? :-)

Barbara - I'm glad the party continued....I was so exhausted I just collapsed at about 2am. I'll be on better form next time and stay up for my American visitors.


keda said...

super party. very glad that i got walt first...before the rush. though i did pay him i suppose!

and i'm so sorry i missed rasshbre's hamper...

o well glad the night went well and nothing got broken.

you certainly are the hostess with the mostess*

Jane said...

It was a great party CQ. I am glad to know, by virtue of his comment above, that Paste is OK. I never did find him again last night. I finally left to try to get the wine out of my dress. By the time I dropped in this morning for a cup of coffee, he was no where to be found.
Anyway, I had a great time. Hope you do it again soon.

Thumper said...

Dangit, I missed it :(


Feeling sorry for not dropping by. Damn this Internet Server. Since it's Holy Week no one came to fix it. Had to go over my sister's house just to post and visit you.

Dave said...

Great party, must do it again some time.
Much fun had by all!

ribbiticus said...

oh boy! you sure are the hostess with the mostest! i had so much fun! so when's the next one? *wink*wink* :)

rashbre said...

Great Party. Thank you!

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