Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Memory

Whilst doing the whole 'Michele' thing, I wandered over to JennyPenny's blog and was intrigued by this

How did you start blogging?

Well, my 'blogparent' (one who gets you into blogging) was
Aginoth. Best mate, colleague, pseudo-bruv. He came into work and constantly talked about his 'blog'.
Intrigued I visited the site and discovered it was like a funky internet journal.

I was itching to comment on his remarks, so I created myself a profile. I used Craziequeen, as I have been 'Queen of the Crazies' for some years now. My original picture was a green dragon - anyone remember that?

I commented on Aginoth's blog for a while, visited some of his blogroll (mostly similar journal stuff) and after a few weeks of constant nagging from my beloved friend, I started my own blog.

It was originally called It's A Cat's Life, and I made my first post on the 28th Sept 2005. I had an ulterior motive, in that I was intending to learn to ski and had given myself a punishing training schedule - and this blog was part of my support!
I must say, my blogroll looked a lot different in those days, as did my blog before I learnt to play with HTML!

In those days some of my regulars thought I was a boy, and I can remember posting
this to cyberkitten's delight.

I struggled with blogging in the beginning, thinking my life (or what I wanted to reveal of it) was too boring for everyone else, so I posted jokes, emails, pictures.

On Oct 14 2005, I
rebranded! Of course, what I didn't realise is then no one's links worked! So it took a few days to find everyone and tell them the new URL. Form then on my blog became The Palace!

And it was about this time I started talking about my cats. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am barmy about my felines.......what a surprise I had in store!

And on Oct 16 2005 my dear friend
Cyberkitten started his blog too - seeking answers to those eternal questions from a wider audience!

A sucker for punishment, on the 25 Oct 2005 I opened my
Storystore. Somewhere to put my junky scribblings, really. In fact, I am considering closing it soon unless I get the urge to write some more. My writing muse is MOST fickle.....

And on Oct 31, I created
blogs for my cats! :-) And boy, were they popular! SO many cat and dog bloggers out there! I swear they get more comments than I do! And there are more starting up every day. Having two blogs for them was too much work, so a couple months later they had one shared one..

By this time I had discovered the aforementioned Michele, and my blogroll just grew and grew. Some became distant and I took them off, some new ones arrived and I put them on.

Christmas was the month of my ambitious Blog Advent and the ambitious Christmas Memories posts - remember them? January and February were mostly skiing and the recovery from the injury [sigh] yep, I know!
And, on a more personal note, I came clean about my depression and I started blogging more personal stuff.

So here we are, April 2006 - 7 months old and my blog seems to be thriving. I have made lots of friends, I am using my blog to help with those awful struggles of conscience, I am using it as a sounding board when my depression threatens to overwhelm me (although I keep my writing in check - don't want to scare everyone off!) and I use it as a journal. Sometimes exciting, more often than not boring....but it's mine, all mine.

I leave you with an excerpt from Oct 14;

I sent my mother the first page of my blog, to illustrate my new venture into IT. She said that blogging seems essentially narcissistic.

I wonder - is it narcissistic? Or is it a reflection of the loneliness of the modern technological age? Or is it taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity to put oneself 'out there' and meet new people?

edit: Laquet has had a crack at answering my question.......have a looksee on her blog!



Le laquet said...

Comment on it's way up! :o) Happy Monday!

Tabby Rabbit said...

hey cq, i think it's like chatting to your neighbour over the fence. but without the physical contact. or the fence. or having to worry about putting out the washing.

i'll shut up now ;-)

YellowRose said...

I'm so glad you starting blogging, or else I'd have never met my favorite Queenie!!

Great MM!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

All our blogs have developed from that very first day we started. I'm sure they were all simple then.

The Shrone said...

Thanks for sharing your blogging history. It's fascinating how we all came to share our lives online!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Of course it's about Narcissus. But what's wrong with that? It's also about other people. Nothing wrong with that, either.

Rowan said...

What a crazy bunch of months you've had.

Fizzy said...

Helllooooooo Thanks for adding me.

(still having problems typing the "N" word)

I have had a penfriend since I was 11yrs old (we think we were given each others addresses through the girl guides)
She lives in the US and I live in the UK. We have written to each other since then. BUT then we learnt about e-mail and then just over a year ago she introduced me to her blog and of course I had to have my own. They you are.... we have learnt more about each other in the last year than we had over the previous 26 !!!!

I am addicted.
Have a good day
xx Fizz xx

Norma said...

A kitty blog? I'll have to check on that. Sounds like your blogs has gone through a few changes. Every time mine does that, I just start a new blog. I now have 7.

My MM is up.

Shelli said...

Thanks for letting me get to know you with this post. Awesome. Thanks for coming by my MM.

Begered said...

Pretty cool site. Thanks for sharing your blogging history and for visiting me over the weekend!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of your blogging self with us. I often wonder how or why people started blogging... I love my kitties, too. I'll have to pop over to your cat blog and check it out.

Katherine said...

ooh, you're much more evolved than me! I still have a long way to go.

Dave said...

Do you know, I am ashamed to admit I can't remember how I got started. I have a feeling that I just stumbled across some blogs and thought 'let's have a go'. I know Mrs A was one of the first I saw, she was all pink in those days before her 'brown' period.

Fizzy said...

You stuck your tongue out at me AGAIN!!! I told on you!!!.

I hope you had a good day at work today.

Fizzy said...

OOO and I have started a game off on my blog ... want to play?

craziequeen said...

I'm playing already!! :-)


Anonymous said...

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