Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Firteen

Thirteen Reason why I didn't do a Thursday Thirteen.....
1. I went out! I know, I know - a rarity in the Palace.
2. As we were going to the cinema anyway, I got the night off from kitchen duties and went shopping.
3. First stop the optician. Good news; my eyesight is improving slightly (as sometimes happens with short sight). Bad news; I now need varifocals [wails in despair 'oh god, I'm getting OLD!!']
4. And more bad news - the lenses alone were £250+, then add frames, insurance, eye test.......£400!! :-(
5. To cheer myself up I bought a book I have been promising myself for ages. Since reading Mo Hayder's wonderful 'Tokyo', I have been itching to read 'The Rape of Nanking' - which I now have.... :-)
6. And in three weeks, I will be able to read with my new specs on!
7. More good news - Pizza with cyberkitten and bionicdwarf (the latter just about the only non-blogging crazie!).......two of my absolute favourite male type people :-)
8. After dinner, I got a cheap version of Queen's Greatest Hits, falling in with kitty on a 3 for £18 deal - CDs are SO expensive here.....[wriggles in seat[ listening to it now!]
9. Then off to the cinema to see Tristan and Isolde with Rufus Sewell.......[dribble]
10. Bearing in mind it's a love story, the leads were excruciatingly wet.
11. The film was saved by the DELICIOUS Rufus Sewell as King Marke [beatific smile]. That man should come with a health warning - he is positively edible! Although this time, he cut off all those lovely curls :-(
12. The battle scenes were rather good - and very graphic...lots of severing of limbs. Even Rufus got his hand severed in the first ten minutes of the film...didn't affect his performance at all [snigger]
13. Did I mention Rufus Sewell?? :-)


PresentStorm said...

yikes stuff is expensive there.. when I got my eyes checked and my specialtansition lenses ordered with insurance it cost me less then 200 dollars. I hope they pay you guys more over there

here via Michele today :)

mommyof4 said...

Friday Firteen:) Thats a good one! Hhi here from micheles

silentmum said...

Tristan and Isolde had just come out on DVD. Am in two minds about it at the mo.......miss you loads.
13 fings about me
1. Miss CQ
2. Miss her lots
3. Boo misses her
4. Boo misses her lots too
5. We both miss her
6. we both miss her lots
7. We sometimes miss her every day
8. We sometimes miss her everyday lots
9. We sometimes miss her 50 times a day
10. Ummmmmm....we miss her loads
11. We miss her hugs
12. We miss her hugs loads and loads
13. We miss her shoulders (slight little dig here....'member??)

margalit said...

That's just how my kids said thirteen when they were little. Funny.

Like the new design. Clean and pretty.

Here via Michele

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi There My Dear...
I cannot believe how expensive glasses are now...Why? I mean, why should they be so incredibly damned expensive??? And I don't know how it is there, but here--all the eye doctors have the glasses people right in their office now...Hmmmmm. Greed rears it's ugly....

Sounds like you had a great time between din din and the movie...
And, I'm here from Michele today!

Cyndy said...

Hello from Michele's meet and greet! Those are some expensive spectacles!@@

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Funny thing... I also posted my 13 on Friday. Was too busy also.

Michele sent me

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I always like to link back to anyone who comments on my blog!
Crazy, your blog is soooo cool. I had a great time reading through your posts! I guess we're indirectly linked through Michele's site, huh?
Anyway, I'll be back! Had a great time visiting. :)


That's something new....Friday
Firteen. You'll be the first.

Happy Mama to Three said...

Now you should have had to do fifteen as extra credit for being late with your homework.


Expensive specs, but mine are usually too because my eyes are so bad, so here's a pat on the back from the spensive eye crew.


Titanium said...

Friday Firteen.. cute! :)

mar said...

Hey, cq, you sound very busy! show us your new expensive glasses when you get them :) Happy weekend! I will be gone but I think I will make it back on time for the BO!!!PLS don't end the training camp before I get back, I might be the last one but you can count on me :)
*waves adios*

Viamarie said...

Better late than never. Great list.

Have a nice weekend!

Jane said...

No worries, it's OK to be late. Enjoyed reading your list. I take it you like that Rufus guy!!!!
If you get time, my 13 are up.

Sleepypete said...

[chuckle] I think I got Queen's Greatest Hits on Wednesday on exactly the same deal !

Anonymous said...

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