Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Little from Column A, a little from Column B!

ok, round up time at the Palace..... please have hankies at the ready :-)

First - and most important. Don't forget the 6th BlogOlympic Training Session this Monday! The format and competition is secret, but all will be revealed in good time.

As I am in the UK, it is starting at 10pm British Summer Time. Check the countdown clock in my sidebar for your start time!
Ha! I bet you'd all thought I'd forgotten! Nope! :-)

And I was pleasantly surprised to get 'Fanmail'. Yep, got my first honest to god fan email this week, from a lurker:

Dear CQ...Hope you appreciate fan-mail!!

Just had to let you know what a huge fan I am of both CQ's Palace and the BRITCATS blog. I've been following both almost from the start ....and would love to join in properly, but alas, I don't currently have internet access at home. I have a cute little female cat (tortie and white) called Tinker who's always in trouble (her name reflects something of her "cattitude") and as soon as I get my own computer, I'm going to start a blog for her too. Like you, I love writing (& would love to do so either for myself or the pussy cat) but at present I'm just a rather frustrated blogster... but you have inspired me, nonetheless!
However, I'll probably just have to "lurk" for the time being (sigh!).

Please keep up the excellent work CQ, and I'll carry on reading and enjoying.
Thanks for all the entertainment, and Tinker says to tell you "meow (hiya)" too...!

Thank you for the message, PB, and I'll do my best to keep standards high here in the Palace!

And, just to massage my fragile ego a little more, this comment was tucked away in yesterday's post.......

13 fings about me

  1. Miss CQ
  2. Miss her lots
  3. Boo misses her
  4. Boo misses her lots too
  5. We both miss her
  6. We both miss her lots
  7. We sometimes miss her every day
  8. We sometimes miss her everyday lots
  9. We sometimes miss her 50 times a day
  10. Ummmmmm....we miss her loads
  11. We miss her hugs
  12. We miss her hugs loads and loads
  13. We miss her shoulders (slight little dig here....'member??)

from silentmum and my god-daughter in Calgary [brave smile] that made me cry! :-)

and yes, sm, I remember the shoulders :-)

So thank you all, for visiting my modest little blog about my modest little life. I am constantly overwhelmed by the love out there.

glitter graphics

Can't beat a bit of bloglove :-)

And finally, this was sent to me at work - I LOVE it (especially 'Pretty House and Big Scary Road!) :-)


ps - kudos to anyone who can tell me where the title of this post comes from - ie, who said it and in what film.......


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Where can I get this map?

Michele sent me this way!

Fizzy said...

*Putting a tick in the register*
Good Morning CQ how are you today

I also would love a copy of the map.... to show Hubby I am not alone :)

Jane said...

Great post.....Loved the girly map!
It is great to get a little love from the blogosphere, huh???
See you on May 1st.


So you're the host of the blog olympics this time. You bet I'll be in.

Deb R said...

That map is hilarious!

Here today from Michele's.

YellowRose said...

Of course you'd get fan are the Queen!!! ;o)

Love the map...just the kind I need!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a wonderful post, my dear..And that dear email and that very very sweet love letter from your god-daughter..I would have cried, too...

Now I should know what the title is from, but I do not! (Got interupted with a phone call..sorry)

I've got a new post up today!

Hugs to you and yours, from me & Swee...

T. said...

Hey CQ! Thought I'd pop on in and see how you Brits were doing. I'm glad you have fanmail. Only wish I thought of sending you one myself!

Looking forward to the Blog Olympics. Have yourself a great week!

sparkling diamond said...

Hello! OK, I keep seeing stuff about the Blog Olympics and I ask...what is this? Can anyone join in? And, sadly, I get no, I ask again...what is it about? Can anyone join in???
Curious blogger inquires....and yes, I know that curiosity killed the cat!
Here from Michele's!

panthergirl said...

I love that map! So cute! I wonder if there's one for NYC...

Here via michele today. Not sure what movie the quote is from...but it's definitely from a Chinese menu. ;)

WendyWings said...

I remembered the blog Olympics lol.
Just a reminder also from me.
start tomorrow

Fizzy said...

I have never heard of the blog olympics before what is it all about?

Lisa said...

fan mail is the best! I've only received a couple, but they always make my day! Michele sent me today

WendyWings said...

I will pimp the Olympics, I am a gold medalist after all LOL.

Dawn Falcone said...

Hmm. I have not heard about the blog Olympics & am interested. Damn! I don't have time to train.

Here from Michele's.

Laura at VitaminSea said...

i LOVVVE that little map at the end of the post!!!
I've never heard of blogolympics either.

Barbara said...

Hey craziequeen - I'm so happy you're hosting. I'm away for the weekend, will be back tomorrow.
Congrats on the fan mail,I just get spam, they ususally think I need body parts I don't even have enlarged.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hello My Dear CQ..
Michele sent me back here this early A.M. I'm visiting you and then off to Dreamland...and btw I never saw the film that your post title is I never would have gotten that no matter how hard I tried...shucks. Have a lovely day...Hope the weather is smashing there now that it is on brink of May!

Anonymous said...

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