Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bavaria - Part Four

Cracking on with these now :-)

and a BIG thank you to Mah Sweet Blogsistah,
Dawn, for her lovely words. It is grand to be back, honeypie!

OK [mentally ticks off list] skiing, mountain, nursery........ooh - the lodge!
Here are several photos from the lodge we stayed in. Standing on the balcony at the front - look to the left and you see.......mountains.....!

look to the front and you see.........[coughs] mountains! (see the little thing with the heap of snow at the bottom? Trailer of canoes topped with 3ft of snow!)

and to the right.......well, whaddyerknow.....mountains!

OK, on Monday night we all trooped off, cossies in hand, to the local pool. Now, when we Brits say 'the pool', we usually mean a big boring square hole of water, with a couple of diving boards, some bouyancy aids and always (ALWAYS!) a stray verruca plaster or two!

When the Germans say 'the pool', they invariably mean WONNEMAR!!

What a fab place!

For E5 I could spend two hours in the most GORGEOUS pool complex. Others went for spas and massages, being cheap (and preferring the simple life) I just donned me cossie and jumped in the pool.

A BIG double play pool, deep enough to swim and duck dive in, complete with water geysers, fabulous wave machine, nice slide (ie small and non-scary but fun) and bubble jets.

A big pool for 'serious swimmers'.

A VERY BIG slide for the fearless (mostly men I noticed!).

A small jacuzzi, just big enough for 6 or so.

And to my absolute delight, an outside pool with integral jacuzzi! Yep, OUTSIDE pool! I was outside in -10 in the half-dark swimming in an absolutely gorgeous pool, with the sky and stars above me, and steam swirling about me from the warm water....

MOST therapeutic? Sitting on the ledge on the outdoor pool until I got goosebumps and my skin went numb. Then just gently sliding into the water and underneath, allowing the warm water to envelop me totally. LUSH!!

I would go back JUST for Wonnemar.......... :-)


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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I want some of that Wonnnemar Too!!! It sounds absolutelty sublime!!! And sooo relaxing.
What a trip, CQ...Beautiful Beautiful mountains!!