Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Interviews

1. Isn't it awful when you forget everything?

2. No matter how much you read, you don't know what they are going to ask.

3. They say 'smart but be comfortable' - yeah right!

4. My last four interviews have been with people I know - I hate that.

5. You always leave an interview feeling desperate.

6. You usually remember half a dozen answers on the way home!

7. A bad back and pain medication does NOT help performance in an interview.

8. 'Would you like some water?' 'yes, please, just lace it with arsenic and save us all the trouble!'

9. I have been diagnosed 'interview phobic' and we make up 1 in 10 of the population.

10. In order to get anywhere you have to be interviewed.....

11. I used to drink myself into oblivion after interviews - one particularly bad one led to a three day binge! Now, it would appear........I blog!

12. So - did I get the job?

13. [waits for phone to ring]

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Mama B said...

I so hate interviews!!! Makes me nervous. My TT are up.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Interviewing sucks butt.

Mine are up!

Lazy Daisy said...

Bet you did better than you think. You are very quick on your feet...pain medication or not! Don't let the turkey's get you always, you're the queen!

Aginoth said...

How did it go ?

Do you think you got it?

My 13

craziequeen said...

Waiting for 'that' phonecall.....


Jade said...

Oh I truly hate how desperate you feel when you leave! So true, so true. Good luck! You'll have to let us know!

Mine are up!

Uisce said...

LMAO at #8... interviews have to be THE WORST hell on this earth. It's so humiliating, you might as well just take off all of your clothes and go parading down the street. No, I didn't mean that literally, honest! :) My 13 are up!

Kelly said...

Here's to hoping that phone rings for you!!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

"D" said...

Good Luck! And no drinking while waiting, there's nothing quite like answering an offer call while slurring your words and then promptly forgetting that they made the offer and not showing up for work! My 13 are up!

Killired said...

mine are up too!

mar said...

Did the phone ring yet?? is it too early?? hope you get that job!! you most likely impressed them all with a royal performance.

Jen said...

I hate job interviews

My TT are up

ƒåυνέ said...

Good luck!!

My Thursday Thirteen

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL, LOL! BUT, interviews are the worst torture known to man, next to actual TORTURE, torture...

I know you were brilliant, ny dear CQ....I hope and prasy you got it, whatever it is....!!

Karen said...

Oh man, it's bad enough to subject yourself to the "interview microscope" it's DOUBLY bad when you know the person. Really, I feel for you. That must have been awkward.

I am glad to hear, however, that you're blogging instead of drinking. Course if you blog as often as I do...well..... lol

Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you!

My list is up

Le laquet said...

Whilst being interviewed for my current job (by headteacher and chair of governors) she (headteacher) asked ~ what are your weaknesses?

Me ~ 70s disco, red wine, tall dark men and chocolate.

Headteacher ~ I meant your teaching weaknesses!

I mumbled a reply about not letting children muck-up art work, being a control freak and halfway through started laughing (... I realised what I'd actually said) and she offered me the job.

WendyWings said...

Fingers crossed the phone call is a good one :)

Debby said...

Good luck to you hon - here's hoping that phone rings and the job is yours!!!!

The notorious M.O.M. said...

Good luck! I hope you get a call back! I hate interviews too. Show me one person that likes being interviewed for jobs and I'll show you a nut-case lol

My 13 are up

ficklechick said...

Yikes, stressful list!!

Mine 13 are up!

Jane said...

Well, did you get the job? I'm late getting around to reading all the 13 lists. Hope everything works out.
I have my list up.

Anonymous said...

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