Monday, February 06, 2006

Bavaria - Part Six

This counts towards my Monday Memories!
So, I was in pain and in hospital. They admitted me at 11.30pm. D went back to the lodge to get some sleep.

Life in a German hospital for a non-German speaker is difficult to say the least. Early next morning D returned. I was puzzled to see no ski-wear and he told me he was not skiing because he was staying with me. I don't remember a lot about that day. I was incredibly tired after a fitful and painful night and I spent most of the day in tears. D sat there, hour after hour, holding my hand, comforting me, indulging in small talk, and translating for me. I had to be out that night, as everyone was flying home the next day. But I was told my MRI would be the next day and I wouldn't be going home with my friends and colleagues.

The thought of staying in a strange country, in hospital, with a language I don't speak a word of, terrified me. I begged the registrar to change my MRI and although he tried, it remained booked for Thursday. And so the tears started. D made a tactical retreat - although I found out he only went to sort out admin and insurance stuff for me! And packed all my kit. He even made a point of bringing my teddy bear

and book!

Such a sweet man. Mid afternoon he came back, took my hand again and comforted me. I have no idea how long he spent at my bedside, but I don't know what I would've done without him. And all day I was getting texts from friends on the slopes.

That evening Female Colleague S and Male Colleague S turned up with - this!

Miles from anywhere and discovering I was still in hospital, my friends had made me a get well card. With a helicopter (for our work!) and mountains and everyone had signed it! I cried again (yep, predictable, aren't I??). MC S made me laugh (which still hurt) and I still owe him a bashing :-)

The next morning there was a flurry of texts and phonecalls as my friends left the country and I stayed in hospital.

Update from GP: Signed off for another week initially and a new prescription for pain pills. Gynae referral for the cysts.



OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

We must be related CQ! I swear..I do not envy you: 1) Being in a hospital. 2) In Hospital in a foreign country! 3) Not speaking the language. 4) Alone, when they all flew off...= tears and MORE TEARS! Oh yes! I would be too. You poor dear...this was not exactly your fun filled part your trip to Bavaria, was it? (LOL)
Your friend D sounds like the sweetest man alive! Thank God for him, and for your sweet Teddy, too!

WendyWings said...

Oh dear CQ as Naomi said not really the kind of trip report we were all hoping for :(
You poor thing.

mar said...

Liebe cq, I knew I should have been near, both on the slope your first time on skis and then translating for you. Get well soon!

craziequeen said...

Hi ladies - this was a definite 'down bit' but do not be disheartened - there are knights on white horses waiting in the wings....

read on :-)


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Off topic here:

Sweetie wanted Charlie to know that he now has his own blog!
The address is:

He would really love a luttle purrrrr fro Charlie and Pandora, too.

Hope your feeling a bit better CQ...I'll be back, later, I'm sure.