Saturday, February 04, 2006

MRI - an interruption in our normal scheduling....

OK, I've had 36 hours to think about this.......time to talk to the ether. Time to get this off my chest [wipes away a tear]

I have spoken to my mum and MB today, and although some of my Crazies know what I am about to say, they probably don't realise the implications.

When I was MRI'd to check the damage to my back and pelvis after the fall, it was just soft tissue and muscle damage.

However, they also discovered I have ovarian cysts. Not normally a reason for major concern as cysts usually disappear in time, but with my medical history and age they can also signal the beginnings of ovarian cancer.

So I'm scared.

I've been here before.

10 years ago exactly.

When they discovered I had chronic fibroids and gave me a partial hysterectomy in 1996. It was a case of surgery or get really ill. They did path tests on me then for cancer.

I don't want to go through all that again.

I'm going to see my GP with the films on Monday.

I'm scared.


I have disabled comments on this post. This is just my way of dealing with this.
My Crazies have been in touch personally.