Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Call me Crazie (call me anything - but just CALL ME!!), but I am taking part in the
Training Camp for the 2007 BlogOlympics. My performance in the training camp will determine if I am of a calibre to challenge Running2Ks and Uisce for the medals in 2007!

I have started well, with plenty of rumour and innuendo on
Daisy's Log (well, she IS the official rumour-monger!). Of course, I have a worthy opponent for the role of Blogger Behaving Badly in Shelli! It has been reported that former Olympian Uisce has taken out a restraining order on myself and Shelli.......these reporters get everything wrong these days!

Also, stories are flying around that Killired is rumoured to have had finger extensions in preparation for the Olympics. Apparently the hot-pink digit bandages are a give-away! Pink, honestly......I would go for purple, myself.....

BlogOlympics' trusty and intrepid reporter is our very own
[whispers] remember Wendy, $5 each time you mention my name! [snigger]

I have sharpened my skills with the BlogOlympic
Quiz and managed a reputable 20/28 - not bad for a first-timer! Not only that, but I have registered with EgoSurf (icon to your right) which finds a blog ranking in Google (and other search engines).

Watch out, Uisce - here I come :-) Now, if only I knew what I'd let myself in for!

Check out the BlogOlympics at Daisy's Place, Wendy's Reports or Blogger Olympic Headquarters!!

Training Camp kicks off at 2200hrs EST 15 Feb (0300hrs 16 Feb here in the UK), so watch those dials, tune in and cheer us on.....

And now, if you cast your glance to the right....down a bit.....a bit more.......yep, lower........you can see the BlogOlympic Blogroll! SO many people!


Ring graphics courtesy of Carrie of
Cze-Johnson Fever



Thanks for dropping by. Will be joining the training cup. Hope Barbara puts up her clock again. See you there.

Viamarie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Barbara said...

CrazieQueen - I think you will like this competition!

Le laquet said...

Blog olympics ~ will we have to exercise? I can do the synchronized event .... you should see my sequins and my nose clip!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

CQ..Can you explain this whole ting to me..I don't get it. I'm as bit dense, I know...but I don't get any of it....You can email me or whatever feels right! Thank You So Much! I would wish you luck if I uderstood what I was wishing you luck for!! (lol)

Scouser said...

As has already been mentioned elsewhere I intend to cheat wherever and whenever I can as is my right. Good luck all Mwuhahahahaha.

Michele sent me once but I keep coming back LOL.

mar said...

I might skip the first training as I am waiting for the local Happy Hour, lol. I know, I am blogging about skiing and you don't like it, but don't take it personally! It is snowing today so I am indoors.