Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mirror Universe Thursday Thirteen

Smug Bloggers R Us - time to balance things out with
Thirteen Things I CAN'T DO!

1. Ski - no-brainer that one.....!

2. Sew.

3. Knit.

4. Cook.

5. Use lifts - claustrophobia.

6. Play complex computer games.

7. Speak German.

8. Walk on snow without falling over.

9. Paint - walls or art!

10. Eat meat - raging vegetarian.

11. Drink wine - allergies.

12. Go near or touch mice/rats/hamsters etc

13. Go places alone - I usually have to have MB or cyberkitten around for support.

Ha! The first one sounded SO smug and made me look cool.....

I ain't [snigger]



Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you actually did the thursday 26!!!
my kids have had pet rats over the years, we have a dog now, it's much better. and i am not musical at all, but my youngest daughter is learning how to play the guitar, don't know if she'll have to sing along at some point or not. anywho, i'm doing the 13, not 26, this week too.

Killired said...

look at you doing the double T13! yikes! you should win some award for that! :)
thanks for coming to visit me!

Nicole said...

Oh wow! Two lists! You're on top of things today. Very nice.

Happy TT!


Shannon said...

here from Micheles!
I cant ski either.
I hope your updates go smoothly