Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bavaria - Part Three

(please excuse the pictures, my camera struggled with the extreme cold!)

So, all the more naturally proficient skiers had moved on and there was the less able skiers and the unit Spaz (me) back on the nursery slope.

Time to hit the Mountain with our instructor Big Dave! - Actually The KanzelWand Bahn I mentioned previously. A glorious 'little' mountain of 2000m with some nice pistes (or so I am told!) and a snug little coffee house at the base and a FANTASTIC mountaintop restaurant/rest place.

Here is the lower slope that my friends started on before we hauled ass up the mountain!

See the netting at the bottom? We reckoned that's to stop the skiers flying into the coffee shop! :-)

This is the view from the top restaurant. There is safety Plexiglas, hence the slight reflections! I sat and drowned in this view for two days - how magical is that?? Instructor B advised me to bring a book, but I never got time to read - what with cheering the lads and lasses on, supporting them and admiring the view....who would have time to READ??

And this is the VERY scary ski lift that I watched like a hawk while my friends were experiencing the top run.

You can just see the lift station in the middle of the photo. Once past this - it was downhill all the way to the bottom! So my little group made sure to stop at the station and come back up!

Here's me at the KanzelWand panoramic restaurant - it was MIGHTY cold up there!

In Part Four the MAGICAL Wonnemar and my embarrassing accident - sure to go down in history in the office!



The Gnat's Trumpet said...

Wow, it looks incredible. I'm jealous.

Michele sent me.

ribbiticus said...

lovely photos! how i wish it snowed in these here parts...:)

CyberKitten said...

Nothing wrong with those pictures... Struggling camera or not..

Tara said...

YAY!! Welcome Home my blogsistah!!!

I am SO totally jealous of those pictures. I'm so going to make it there one day. The view from the top is just breathtaking!

I did a little welcome home post for you on my blog - just cuz you're special :o)


Good to have ya back sweetie :o)

WendyWings said...

Spectacular scenery. I agree who would have time to read with that view :)

Eric Mutta said...

Holy racamoli, ravioli, macaroni!

There's been a whole series of pictures and stories I've been missing here and no one informed me? I demand a refund! :-)

Great pics, CQ, looks like the trip was great! Though I'm a little worried about the picture with the bruises up there!