Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bavaria - Part Two

OK, guys and gals; the painkillers are working atm and I have just given myself my injection (first time ever!) so here we go!

To recap.......

We arrived after a long drive from Munich and settled in to the lodge. Being the army it was comfortable but basic. Shared facilities, cookhouse and bar! Me and Woman Colleague S were indeed sharing a room, so our early friendship helped! We had a little room in the eaves with this view!

Across the passageway in a bigger room was a large male contingent of our group.

The first evening we pulled our skis, boots, poles and lift passes.

I skiid for the first day on the KanzelWand nursery, spent most of the day on my arse, trying to catch up to the mean instructor (everyone boo hiss at Big Dave!), in tears or nursing bruises.

Day Two we went around to the nursery slopes behind the lodge (slope in front, lodge in distance!) - yep, we were REMOTE!

and I hung my skis up and moved with the 'Numpty Group' - self-named as none of us were natural skiers! New instructor (see nice young man in Part One) who asked me once if I wanted to ski, then accepted my decision not to.

Day Three and Four - more work on the nursery slope, groups changing in respect of blossoming potential. As I was the unit Spaz, I became the cheering squad for most of my colleagues and some very nice military types, including my 'flash boys'! Flash Ian and Flash Pete were young, sweet and keen! They tried snow showering and allsorts - but had trouble stopping! Always coasted to my feet with a big grin though, those boys :-)

And in Part Three, CQ and her trusty tribe go UP the mountain!



WendyWings said...

It is so pretty, I doubt I will ever ski, it is one of those things on my list of what not to do :)

mar said...

I just read your current post where you are not allowing comments. It is your right! so I am not commenting on anything, I am sending you hugs, plenty of them.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sending you concerned wishes, CQ!

WendyWings said...


Jason Schneider said...

I love to skii, but dont always have the time. Keep livin the way your livin here from micheles

utenzi said...

Lovely pictures of the skiing, CQ. I hope the health issues go away soon. Painkillers aren't the easiest things on the body tho a lot better than the pain they take care of.

ribbiticus said...

hello my queen! hope you're feeling much better. will pray your tests come out ok tomorrow. till then, chin up! :)