Saturday, December 10, 2005

Crazie Christmas Advent Calendar 10

Today's advent is Narnia, the Movie.

Today is our Narnia trip to celebrate rca's birthday. It's going to be a blogging affair, what with Aginoth, Mrs Aginoth (plus Aginothlings!), cyberkitten and sleepypete, plus a friendly lurker amongst others - we're gonna have a lot to talk about!

I have been looking forward to this film since I saw the first trailer. Andrew Adamson (the genius behind Shrek) is a masterful director of CGI and young enough to see the fun in things. I have heard wonderful things about the children (always a worry; child actors!) and the cast list reads like a Who's Who of TV and Film.
The books have been a lifetime favourite of mine - in fact, last year the crazies bought me the entire series, plus a documentary book about Narnia the place. I always wanted to be Lucy :-)

I hope rca has a lovely day. I hope it's wonderful. I hope Narnia is *so* wonderful that they do the rest of the series :-)

Call in later for a review :-)



CyberKitten said...

Looking forward to this too. I might even review it myself.... with a 'twist' of course.... (grin)

Oh, and I might be asking to borrow the book(s).

craziequeen said...

No sleeping for me in *this* film... :-D

Books have already been offered - warning, there are *7* of them....


WendyWings said...

You will have a great time.
I know I did a few nights ago ;)

Pssst Prince Caspian in 2008 be there !!