Friday, December 16, 2005

Crazie Christmas Advent Calendar 16

Well, I did it. Subject to (self-perceived) nagging from my younger more energetic feline, I registered Charlie and Pandora on Diva Kitty's Mom's Secret Paw this year.

I know, I know - they're only cats - but that's not the point.

The people who run these blogs, be they owners or carers or whatever, reach somewhere in me that I hadn't experienced before. They made me look outside myself and view life from a feline perspective.
The added bonus of feline blogging is it is an opportunity to stop being me for a while, and to be a crazy kitten dude, or a feisty old bagcat :-)
Being me sucks most of the time - being them is rather cool, especially being Charlie! He's morphing into a little surfdude :-)

So, laugh if you will, but I am content that I have just despatched Charlie and Pandy's Secret Paw to a nice little kittycat in the US.

And someday in the next couple of weeks, a little parcel will arrive addressed to Charlie and Pandora Pusscat :-)



ribbiticus said...

what a cute concept!as long as it makes you happy, cq, go for it! :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am a membber of this WONDERFUL happening too..I mean, SWEETIE is, and I help him out..You remember the gorgeous White Cat?? AKA "THe MIster"???, when I Blogged about him?? NOooo, you say....well, I'll post about him again, very soon.... That's Sweetie! Sweetie The Wonderful! He's thinking very seriously about a Blog...Truly he is..He is just such a sensitive little person that a lot of things scare him..but...And this is VERY important...He has already received his Secret Paws Christmas Gift, and tore into it immediately! And OHHHHH Did he ever love his Christmas Secret Paws Gift (two things, actually..)...AND, I helped "The Mister" to get the Specual Paws Christmas gift for HIS Cat-Blog Friend....And It was mailed off last week...So, that kitty should have his Christmas Secret Gift, by now....
Soooo glad you are participating Chatty....! It's GREATB GREAT Fun!

Eponine's Cowboy said...

It is from this community that I have mustered the energy and faith to keep pressing forward these last few weeks.

This post is an inspiration!