Friday, December 02, 2005

Crazie Christmas Advent Calendar 2

Me and cyberkitten were at the Mall (as previously mentioned!) and as we neared the big tree in the middle we heard music. Intrigued, we made our way over to the food hall to see a puppet show going on.
A Rock Nativity - how cool is that! The puppets were fun and colourful, styled on the
Muppets, the story still clear and the music was - well - boppable! Everyone from small children to adults were throroughly enjoying the clever little spectacle.

Well, we watched for a while, our hips jigging to the infectious music, laughing at the puppets, then turned. To see a 7 ft polar bear dancing in amongst the tables, complete with Santa hat on! He was surrounded by youngsters and teenagers, the subject of a million phone cameras.

As previously mentioned (!), I had my camera with me, so I asked the current flock of teenage lovelies if I could take the polar bear's picture. They scooted, and a little boy snuck in for a big furry cuddle. I took the picture while the polar bear gave me a big 'thumbs up' pose.

Now, I'm 41 (sorry, Eric *21*!) and I know what's what. But that polar bear, with the silly smile and the stupid hat made me so 'happy' inside. I regressed to about 6 years old and went to get my cuddle. I sneaked a 'thank you' into the gap between the head and the body, and in return I got a throaty chuckle and warm strokes on my back.

To the man working in the Mall at Cribbs Causeway
on the 1st December, sweating his cohonas off in that polar bear costume at about 6pm - THANK YOU!! Thank you from an tired woman who felt 6 years old again - and thank you for making all the children laugh and smile.

So here is my picture for my advent, December 2. My polar bear!



Aginoth said...

Ahh you big softie :o)

craziequeen said...

Yep, I am embracing my pink and fluffy side these days.....

and for the rest of our shopping trip, I was high on 'my hug with a polar bear'.

Simple things sometimes are the most effective.


CyberKitten said...

I'm still bopping along to the Muppet Nativity... (snigger)

That angel could certainly knock out a good tune on that guitar...!

Angels Rock!

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

How great is that when you have an unexpected "Feel Good" moment?!
What a great story, thanks for sharing it!

Aginoth said...

...can I get you to change the link to me in your sidebar/blogroll to

thx :o)

S.I.D. said...

CQ what exactly does that sign say at the back of the photo?

*worried and concerned*

ribbiticus said...

don't worry, i do that all the time. you should see how i go crazy in disneyland! lol!