Friday, December 09, 2005

Crazie Christmas Advent Calendar 9

The Office Christmas Party

What better way to illustrate the office Christmas Party than a picture of a beaming Pumpkin after a couple of Reefs :-) (er - the drink not!)

I had planned great things for this advent post, the Office Christmas Party should always be a blur of alcohol, lewd behaviour and gropes behind (or even IN) the stationery cupboard.

Sad for you, My Dear Readers, but our Christmas Parties are very staid these years.....well, if you don't count the raucous singing at the table, me elbowing the waiter in the family jewels, and the wine flowing....

For my meal I had
caramelised onion and rosemary soup
risotto with sun-blushed tomatoes and parmesan
chocolate St Emilion

But I had it on good authority that the duck was superb! I took their word for it.

We went to
The Glassboat, a floating restaurant in Bristol. We had the lower desk to ourselves (well, there was 30+ of us!) and it was very nice. Everyone complimented the food, and we raised an on-the-spot large tip for the hard-working waiting staff.
Some more free-spirited souls regaled us with a medley of various 60's songs a cappella (well, they are getting on a bit!) while we sipped our coffee and squabbled over chocolate mints.

Then we adjourned to
The Old Duke. It wasn't live music night and the pub was very crowded by the time we had all squeezed in The poor lone local sitting gripping his pint glass at the bar looked a bit concerned at the massive intrusion! Which is where, sadly, my afternoon ground to a halt. Agoraphobia (a mild symptom of my depression) kicked in and I recognised the familiar signs of 'I have to go home now!'. It has happened at the supermarket and even at cyberkitten's house. The homing instinct takes over.

So I called My Pumpkin over and whispered 'I'm not well, so I'm just going to slip off home quietly, I don't want to spoil the party'. She agreed reluctantly and I sneaked out the door ........... just as half the office turned around.
People crying my name called to me and two of the young office girlies and an old friend of mine spilled onto the pavement in my wake. 'Don't go! Stay and have another drink!' they pleaded desperately [I put it down to the booze!! :-)] Well, they were very tempting, but my panic attack was steadily worsening, and I had to go.

I got home safely, and the panic subsided as soon as I walked into my haven, my own palace.

Today the hard-core party-goers arrived at the office, looking rather pale and delicate. I can only presume that the party continued on in my absence and they had a wonderful time :-)

And the picture of My Pumpkin? well;
I love her to bits, she is my colleague, my friend and my trusted confidante;
she was one of the organisers of this year's Christmas Party;
her open beaming smile sums up happiness for me;
she gave me permission :-)

Hope all your Christmas Parties are such a success with such wonderful people.



Sue Richards said...

You're a brave person to do the 'office Christmas party.' Never liked them much myself. Think the boss jamming his tongue down my throat at my frist party (14) set the tone.

M sent me.


kenju said...

That sounds like a nice party, cq, especially the glass bottomed boat.

Michele sent me this time!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm not sure I could do an Office party..too many people, too much drinking...people become like someone else when they are drinking and if you are not, I really see the difference and find it hard to communicate on any kind of real level....Do you find that? Maybe it's just me...I love that you feel that way about your home CQ...I feel that about's my sanctuary....

Aginoth said...

Morning cq ready for party 2 today?

MSM :o)

crafty_carolina_mama said...

It sounds like you had at least a bit of fun! Party on, craziequeen. I hope your holidays are a blast! And by the way, hello! Michele sent me. :)

craziequeen said...

Morning, sunshine........yep - lots to do first, though.....

post Aged P's pressies, get LMB's pressie, pick up amazon parcel from PO with all Xmas pressies in it, find small thoughtful gifts for staff.

Wrap rca's birthday pressie :-O

Oh, and laundry :-P