Sunday, December 18, 2005

How evil are you?

How evil are you?

Nicked off Retarded Rugrat [waves] - hi dawnie! see, pimping!

Angelic! [snigger]


Sleepypete said...

Nuts. I'm only neutral. Will have to try different answers again.

:-) Part of the definition of Pure Evil is that you "probably work for an evil company like AOL."

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am ANGELIC, also!!!
This is a funny one...Do you suppose anyone actually answers all the most horrible evil ones???
It might be fun to do those answers just for the fun(?) of it!

Juggling Mother said...

I'm only good!

Must be all that yummy piggy I eat:-)

Oreo said...

HEHEHEHE Angelic HAHAHAHA oh, sorry!! We still love you though!

flu said...

Gee, CQ, did you rank all the way over there?


This is one of those I'm hesitant to do.

craziequeen said...

ah, go on, fluke - we know you want to really.....and it's been a couple of days since you blogged [wink]
btw - can you not see my halo? Must be hidden by my bitchin' headress! :-)

Oreo? :-P



Tara said...

*Has a bad fit of giggles but waves back nonetheless*

Yawn....dammit, I need sleep and I only just got up. I gotta make Pancakes for my other hanf too, tis his borthday today. He's reached the grand old age of 33 :o)

Eric Mutta said...

[Thinks there's been a serious malfunction in that Evil-O-Meter]


craziequeen said...

no, eric - I really am angelic - ask my Crazies..

[angelic smile]