Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crazie Christmas Conversation Piece Q&A

OOL: How old are you?
As old as my tongue and older than my teeth! 41 – but don’t tell eric mutta, he thinks I’m 21!

Silentmum: When are you going to visit?
Soon, darling. MB agrees I should come to visit, and kitty wants to come too!

Fluke: Where did you find that feathery blast helmet?
It was a gift from
Teh Blogfather – do you like it, Fluke?

Oreo: What do you look like?
Like a rather crazie cat mama! 5’8", shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, overweight, getting on in years........(but A Jnr says I am 'cuddly' - so can't be all bad!) – really boring, actually…..

Mrs A: Is your hubby really real?
As real as stacks of beer and a kitcar in the garage, meat in the freezer and golfclubs/balls/tees everywhere illustrates! Which also shows why we don’t move in the same social circles!

Karen: How is the weather over there in the UK?
The night this was asked it was freezing fog, tonight it is dry and cold. None of the promised snowstorms yet.

Karen: Do you have any special Christmas traditions that you'll be celebrating?
My Crazie Christmas Party is a tradition started by me. MB goes to visit his parents and I fling open the doors to all my delightfully mad friends.

Jean-Luc: What will you be doing over Christmas?
With a bad history with Christmas, I have my Christmas carefully structured now. Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be spent with MB, just the two of us. Bit of crappy telly, DVDs, bit of blogging (no doubt!), some nice food, bit of drink, but mostly togetherness.

Mrs A: What is your fave Christmas Meal?
I don’t ever remember liking turkey. As a 20yr veteran of the veggie fringe, my fave Christmas meal would be all the trimmings and a nice tasty substitute for turkey. Alternatively, it would be any (vegetarian!) meal someone else would cook for me!

Mrs A: If you could have any (material) pressie, what would it be?
You know me too well – you know I usually come up with all that Peace and Love crap :-) ‘Material’…hmm – a return ticket to Calgary, Alberta…..or a VERY large box of Ferrero Rocher………[dribble]

aka_monty: Besides blogging, what are your favourite things to do in your spare time?
I’m a frustrated Thespian, so I love film and television. I used to like theatre and plays, but don’t go so much now :-( I adore reading, and usually have two or so books on the go at one time. At the moment, I am reading ‘High Lord’ by Trudi Canavan, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen and ‘Double Eagle’ by James Twining.

cyberkitten: What’s the strangest thing you’ve found when cleaning your house?
Kitty, just shows you know I like cleaning! Um, having a more than competent killer in Pandy for the last 16 years, I would probably say her ‘gifts’, occasionally left to die under the sofa :-S

Aginoth: What’s your favourite and least favourite buildings?
Favourite would be my house :-D Least favourite building would be my esteemed place of work!

Maggie: How often do you visit Michele?
Not that often actually. I usually hang around for the Meet and Greet over the weekend fitted in around housework, and occasionally check out her weekday stuff.

OOL: Do you have any pets and if so, what are their names and to which part of the animal kingdom do they belong?
We have three pets. Charlie is a ginger cat of 6 months old. Pandora is a 16yr old cat. Fred is our Pet Rock! hmm wonder if we could fit a dolphin pond in our back garden??
I dream of having enough money to buy a house in the country and surround myself with animals.....

OOL: What is your favorite film of all time?
Most visitors will probably know it is Pirates of the Caribbean, although Narnia has run it a close second! I have another favourite though, an independent film about living with AIDS starring Eric Stoltz and Randy Quaid. So, if you know either of them OOL – tell ‘em I love ‘Roomates’.

carolyn: How many cats do you have?
As I said, currently two. But we still mourn Ambrose, who was killed on the road Christmas time four years ago. We also lost little Echo in the same way this April. Which is why my cats don’t go out any more!

Valerie: What is your earliest memory?
Cool question! I have very few childhood memories, but one or two stick out. Eating fish and chips on some outdoor steps (my mum said I was about three then! We were so poor fish and chips were a luxury!) and I have a memory of sitting on the bar in a pub while my real dad had a beer and smoked his pipe.

OOL: How long have you lived where you do now?
Here in historic Thornbury? 7½ years. Before this we lived in Oxfordshire, a bit north of Oxford! :-)

OOL: If you could live anywhere in the world--money being no object--where would it be?
Here! :-) I have MB next to me and my very much-appreciated Crazies on the doorstep. Or I would like to be five minutes away from my god-daughter Boo again – 5,000 miles is too far!

jennypenny: Do you have a stocking?
Sadly, no. I didn’t have one as a child either, unless I badgered and my mum capitulated. Which means, of course, that I have always encouraged my parents to do their children stockings…..they are also a great way of blackmailing children to behave :-)

jennypenny: Real tree or fake tree? (part B to that question is multi coloured lights or clear ones?)
Usually a real tree, but Charlie is proving to be such a thug that we are surrendering ourselves to the fake tree this year! And multi-coloured lights. I like turning off the room lights and sitting in the glow of myriad pretty colours from the tree.

eric mutta: I've given you several nicknames and always called you CQ, but what is your real name?
Craziequeen, of course! :-) I have been called the craziequeen for years now, and it proved handy when thinking of a blogname..... Actually, my real name has been debated and unfrocked farther down my blog – you’ll just have to look. But eric, you can call me ‘darling’ [wink]

eric mutta: I've always thought it sweet how you post in multiple colours. What is your favourite colour?
Thank you! I thought it cheered up a potentially VERY boring blog! My favourite colour is purple, and any variant of that. Which is good as Blogthings said my blog should be purple!

Aginoth: When are we going to get the answers?
[pokes out tongue at little ‘bruv’]



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great answers, CQ, especially for my question.

BTW. I am with Teh Blogfather now ans was Blog Of Teh Day yesterday.

craziequeen said...

I know, jl, I was really pleased to see that :-)

I'll pop over and say hello :-)


Juggling Mother said...

Can't manage a ticket to Calgary, but will try for Ferrero Roche:-)

I've never been blog of the day on Teh Blogfather:-(

You're welcome to come eat all the trimmings at our place:-)

No stocking as a child - how sad. Although I am determined to keep my kids pressies to one stocking - we had whole pillowcases full as children & I don't think it was a good thing!

craziequeen said...

[dribble] I love eating them a bit at a time - first I bite off all the chocolate, then I break open the wafer and eat the filbert, then I munch the chocolate filling and wafer! MB says it's an interesting sight!

Want me to beat him up? I can, you know, the blogpimping craziequeen can do anything! :-)

I complained very vocally at about 24 that I'd rarely had a proper stocking as a child, and my mum did one for me that year - and then moaned ceaselessly how much effort it was! Made it a bitter victory.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a joy to read your answers...That was great, CQ. I just got Narnia, will watch it tomorrow....And no, I don't know either of those two gentlemen...but if I did, I would be on the phone right now giving them your message!

craziequeen said...

bummer - I was kinda hoping you were gonna say 'Eric? Yeah, we're old pals...I'll just call him!' :-)

Good morning [yawn] it's 6.18 here in dark and cold UK....


flu said...

I do love the headgear.

I..., um... I'm finding myself experiencing a bit of headdress envy.

craziequeen said...

fluke - poor thing, darling.....I know a good shrink? :-)


Eric Mutta said...

CQ:>Actually, my real name has been debated and unfrocked farther down my blog – you’ll just have to look. But eric, you can call me ‘darling’ [wink]

LOL, alright darling :-) [keeps hearing 'mary' as the name for some reason].

Sorry I'm late to the party - been busy overseeing bank robberies and other things of a business nature :-)

PS: I know the OOL, visited her once, but I doubt she remembers me!

PPS: I see folks are admiring your royal headgear too, huh? :-)