Saturday, December 03, 2005

Teh Gangsta Nanny...

is in da HOUSE!

I duly arrived at the Aginoth mansion in plenty of time for Aginoth and Mrs A to turn into human beings in time for their long-awaited film.
LMD lived up to her reputation again, beginning to scream as I walked in the door. I might as well have 'Spawn of the Devil' tattooed on my forehead. Mrs A burst into spontaneous laughter - apparently it 'looked really funny!'
Luckily LMB and A Jnr still think I'm the Bees Knees and we had cuddle and tickle time while LMD continued to wail.
LMB decided I would take her to bed, and A Jnr wanted to show off his teeth brushing skills to his beloved CQ. So, leaving Mum and Dad to cope with the still bawling LMD, I sorted LMB and A Jnr, tucking in and story reading.

There was much girly giggling when I turned the page in LMB's book to a very healthy looking hippo and said gleefully 'oh, look - it' [cq]!'. And A Jnr hid under the covers as we read about the fearsome Fangmangle in his Horrid Henry book.

A and Mrs A were all ready to go, Mrs A hiding outside and A attempting to console distraught baby. I swept her up, with her back to the door and under cover of her yells said 'go!'. They went! Trusting souls.
Well, LMD screamed in indignation for - oh - about five minutes, until she realised dancing to the music on the telly was more fun. And she dropped off in about ten minutes, and she was fast asleep in bed in 30!

So, all is quiet. A and Mrs A are (hopefully) enjoying their film and A has left his laptop on for me!

And I've negotiated a pay rise for the holiday season. Ferrero Rocher is now the currency of childcare. And I get to spend quality time with my precious Aginothlings.



margalit said...

Oh, how fun. A babysitter that blogs. What dirt can you share? :-)

Michele sent me.

Happy Mama to Three said...

Doesn't that bring back wonderful (awful) memories of my babysitting years. Now the terrible kidlets are all mine... Maybe I should return to babysitting.

Michele sent me over.


Aginoth said...

Awaits dirt...

Well the house was a bit messy ;o)

Michele sent me

ribbiticus said...

mr. & mrs. a are priveleged to have a quuen acting as their nanny - lol!

craziequeen said...

No dirt here, sorry.... :-)

Well, not until the kids are a little older [wink]

Mr and Mrs A are always very appreciative of my time - and it gives me a chance to spend time with some delightful children....