Friday, March 31, 2006

The Lost Dr Seuss Poem


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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

It's a loooooooooong week.......

btw - testing the new linkys thing, but it's coming out huge.......dunno why.......Uisce is promising to look into it......


Monday, March 27, 2006

Tagged Again!

Tagged by my blogsistah Dawnie for this, and dared by Darren! How could I possibly refuse my sweet Dawn when she has made me Blog of The Month at Retarded Rugrat! :-) Go on over and say hello - she's an angel, honest :-)

Here, for Dawn, is a new A-Z of the Crazie One. [The comments in green are Dawn's - we're sooooo in toon........!]

Accent: Born in Devon, raised in Gloucestershire but oddly enough I have been accused of a London accent [waits while Mrs A falls off her chair]. When I am drunk I go broad Devon – cyberkitten thinks that is hilarious :-) When I am around my in-laws, I tend to take on a Barnsley accent (odd, as I have never lived in Yorkshire at all!)

Booze of Choice: I am very restrained now and mostly drink vodka pops (wkd or Smirnoff Ice) or plain old vodka and lemonade…….. but never anything with coke – I hate coke……..! And I am allergic to wine, especially white! As a young person I pretty much drank anything that was going around – including getting a terrible reputation for ‘minesweeping’; emptying other people’s glasses for them! I always saw it as an act of charity – saving them getting legless……

Chore I hate: The bins…….I hate doing the bins. Even working out which binmen are coming when is a chore these days in dear old England…..

Dog or Cat: Well, it goes without saying…..Cat! But I do like dogs. I like gun dogs, big, beefy, brawny and loyal dogs.

Essential Electronics: I SO want to say internet, but it’s got to be our Sky Plus satellite system. Now I just have to remember once when something is on, set the series link and it happily records the programme every week/day/month etc, meaning I can blog away and not miss any telly!!

Favorite Perfume: [White Musk from The Body Shop. I've loved that since I was a teenager and still love it now.] I’m with Dawnie on this one. Being allergic to most perfumes, I adore my White Musk and carry a bottle everywhere with me.

Gold or Silver: Gold has to be 24C and silver has to be pure. Allergies again……...

Hometown: I guess if it’s where I was raised, it would be Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Now it’s the delightful town of Thornbury, also in Gloucestershire!!

Insomnia: [yawn] you wha…….??! Oh insomnia…yep – for years now. It’s a by-product of my depression, and is getting worse as I get older. Of course, having a large healthy kitten bounce on my chest at 4am doesn’t help much either….

Job Title: I have a new one now! [looks proud] I am an Assistant Health and Safety Advisor…….cool, eh?? :-)

Kids: Let’s not go there again….

Living Arrangments: A cosy three bed house with my MB (Much Beloved) and our two crazy felines.

Most Admired Trait: no idea – you’ll have to ask my Crazies……...

# of Sexual Partners: [polishes halo] two – ex-husband and MB.

Over Night Hospital stays: More than I care to remember.

Phobia: Mice (musophobia) rats (zemmiphobia) and even gerbils and hamsters (they don’t have proper names yet!)), clowns (coulrophobia), dentists (dentophobia), heights (acrophobia), and just when everything is lovely, I get agoraphobia…..!!

Quote: "In order to end the suffering of the people, to bring an end to their pain and agony, there is no option but resistance" Ahmad Shah Massoud (anti-Taliban Northern Alliance leader) 01 Sep 1953 – 09 Sep 2001

Religion: Christian Quaker, with a healthy respect for other faiths thrown in for good measure.

Siblings: 3 older, two brothers one sister – yep I’m the baby……..

Time I wake up: If Charlie or MB have anything to do with it; usually about 4am!!.

Unusual Skill: None that I can think of………..

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Spinach – yeuch!!

Worst Habit: [Hmmmm, I'm gonna say smoking. I really need to quit.] Me too, Dawnie. Sorry all.

Xrays: lots :-( Why is X always X-rays? How about a new X?
Xenophile or Xenophobia: Xenophile – I love meeting foreign people! :-)

Yummy Food I Can Make: Cheese Risotto. MB hates it, but I LOVE it [drool]

Zen Moment: Which one?? [snigger]


Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Poem

As is often the way, after much searching on the web I couldn’t find anything I could ‘borrow’ to use for this post, so I am writing myself...

[licks pencil]

My house is so quiet,
My life is full of peace,
There is no screaming
Or yelling at least.

No toys on the floor,
No marks on the walls,
My house is untouched
By toy trains or dolls.

Every day I yearn
For toys to pick up,
For tears to wipe
And small hands on a cup.

But I have on my mantel,
Pride of place today,
A card made especially
For me on Mother’s Day.

A box of chocolates
Came with the card
With silver ribbons
And hugs, oh so hard.

And today as if by magic
A pretty Spring basket appeared,
Full of beautiful flowers
Showing someone else cared.

Thank you Aginoths (Mr and Mrs), for my lovely card and Chocolates. An especial big hug to LMB for her wonderful sticking skills :-)

And SleepyPete - what to say? You are the son I never had, but the son I have always wished for. Thank you, my darling boy.

To those mothers who can't be with their children, and to those children who can't be with their mothers - Happy Mother's Day, UK-Style!


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Night

and where am I? Where indeed......?

At the Aginoths, of course. Babysitting while Aginoth and Mrs A go to the pictures for a long-overdue night out :-D

It was wonderful to see them together again. Due to the ward's closure for virus protection, they haven't seen each other for over a week. Before leaving for the cinema they sat close together, holding hands, seeming to defy the world to split them up again :-)

And waiting for me was an adorable card made by the children for their CQ, and a delicious box of choccies that I am going to relish tomorrow....

The children are in bed and Aginoth has left the laptop signed in for me :-)

You know, I seem to spend more time on feline blogs than human ones at the moment. My cats, Pandora and Charlie, get more visits than me these days and there is an endless stream of catblogs starting up. Finnegan and Buddy's e-party pulled in 568 comments on one post - is that a record, I ask myself..... Perhaps I should try that here in the Palace! :-)


Friday, March 24, 2006

A Little Whine With That, My Dear?

This weekend it's Mother's Day.

Limp posies given by a child
Spilt coffee on a tray
All with love so meek and mild
For a darling mother

Bursting giggles behind the door
Rustling paper surprise
Children with so much and more
For a loving mother

Remember the selfless love
No matter night or day
Inspiration from above
Instilled in a mother

This was a poem in our local rag to celebrate Mothering Sunday. Isn't it adorable?

I have sent my Mother a card. I have posted her a gift which I know she will love - because she asked for it ages ago and doesn't know she's getting it.

I hate Mothering Sunday for selfish reasons. I hate Mothering Sunday because there are no children to tell me how much they love me being their mum, to bring me a sloppy breakfast, to make me cards and pick me posies.

And there never will be.

I know there are a lot of Mommy Bloggers out there, I have many on my own blog roll.
To them I wish a sparkling Mother's Day full of love and laughter, sweet smelling flowers and cards that say what hearts can't.

I have been involved with five families now. The first ones are now in their 20s and 30s. The current ones are my Aginothlings, 5 and under. They have all loved me in a special way, but not as a child loves a mother. They have all painted pictures for me, hugged me and cuddled with me, but sooner or later I hand them back to their real mother.

Mother's Day? Nothing to celebrate here........


Flower art (c) David Rudd

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Things I remember about Turning Teen in the 70's!

1. Music - We had Abba, Queen, Sweet, T-Rex, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple.....and Jasper Carrott! :-)

2. TV - Ah, I used to love the The Wombles! Orinoco (the chap sleeping on the front page of this link) was my favourite - and I knew all the words to 'Underground Overground, Wombling Free!' Morecambe and Wise on a Saturday night, The Good Life, Vision On, The Banana Splits, The Doubledeckers, Multicoloured Swapshop, The Waltons....good stuff!

3. Rule breaking - as new Teens, we were breaking all the rules. We were so brazen. We loitered (sometimes with alcohol) we shoplifted (not me, too much of a wimp!). Having your ears pierced was really a bit wild! Sneaking off after school to the local public convenience to change out of school uniform and into jeans. Dating older 'men', by the time I was 15, I had dated two grown men and two soldiers from a local base - but I never know.....!!

4. Radio - the glory days of Dave Lee Travis (DLT aka The Hairy Cornflake!), Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, and listening to Paul Gambaccini under the covers late at night! Also in this section is my first portable radio and my first ever record player, both in my bedroom, thanks to my doting stepdad! :-)

5. Grass - nope, not the lawn kind, the unlawful kind. No really heavy drugs in my circle, grass was the narcotic of choice. I can still remember sitting in a lad's basement with about four friends, the sweet smell of marijuana in the air and Hendrix on the record player.........(see No 3!)

6. First drink - first serious session was when I was 12, and my dad bought me cider at a local bar. I was stopped by the police walking home! And I got barred from my first pub for being D&D at 15. (see No 3!)

7. Swimming - I still love swimming, but in Cheltenham we were spoilt with this fabulous outdoor pool! In fact, I enjoyed spending so much time there that at 13 I was casually employed as a lifeguard. I don't like indoor pools and still promise myself a return visit some sunny Summer afternoon.....

8. Cycling - I cycled everywhere as a teen, with my trusty bike and my cycle lock. Religious meeting, school, stables, friends, music lessons....

9. Holidays - I had some fab holidays as a child/teen. Quaker Camp, Summer School at Friends School, Saffron Walden, and PGL. All wonderfully Enid Blyton holidays! And no family.....(well, apart from my siblings at Camp!)

10. My Big Brother - Big brother A (not to be confused with Aginoth who isn't actually blood!) was my hero as a child. He took me to senior school on my first day, he rode me places on his bike (sitting precariously on his luggage rack), he was (and still is!) very tall, very handsome and utterly charming. My second brother was also tall and handsome and all my girlfriends were in love with my big brothers.

11. CB radio - in my early teens CB (citizen band) radio was all the rage, albeit illegal. I remember one fun evening we were in a friends car with the CB on and we were chased by the police through all these little Cotswold villages!

12. Food - before all this silliness with food, and my emerging vegetarianism at 20yrs, we had a very simple yet delicious diet. After swimming on Friday we would be fed up with delicious eggy bread. I used to love lamb hearts (makes me gag now, mind!), we used to fight over the biggest and make pea shooters out of the valves! And a pint of milk each a day, to promote strong bones and healthy bodies. One of my mum's specialities was golabki (pronounced gawumkee), a Polish recipe for stuffed cabbage leaves. I loved Kobassa sausages and toast on a Sunday morning. And the reason behind this Polish food - my stepdad from Poland. My mother is still a WAY better cook than I will ever be, despite her doubts.

13. Disco - remember that wonderful disco music? The flashing lights, the girls and boys trying to look cool? I used to LOVE discos (I still do, but they are disappearing fast). I spent hours in my room practising disco steps from Pan's People and then would eagerly wait for a chance to show them off. In fact, I have Pan's People to thank for winning a disco-dancing competition and getting to dance with the disco hunk :-)

Thursday Thirteen Blogroll
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Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hospital and Real Life Update

Good news! It appears the consultant is happy with Aginoth :-)

He seems confident of a Friday release - so no more resident loon :-)

I am currently babysitting for Mrs Aginoth so she can get out and do some proper work - and interact with adults! But I'm on the clunky computer, 'cos the laptop isn't signed in.

LMD still fights me every opportunity......but she's cutting back on the screaming - although I was greeted with a dismal wail as I walked in :-(
It just means she gets carried a lot - not something she objects to [wink] but makes me earn my money.......

...oh hang on, I don't get paid for this......


It's worth it - every non-penny........


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So - how am I doing on those VITAL tasks.......??

Still to do;

write to my mum

organise her mother's day present - CHECK

write to my insurance company - CHECK

write a letter on a Health and Safety assessment I performed yesterday for my new job - CHECK

and a new addition.........

Buy Charlie and Pandora's Secret Paw gifts to send to America (such fun - humour me!) - CHECK

Do you see the one I haven't done yet, children?! :-O

And in answer to questions:

my back is improving steadily, although it does have setbacks. I am still on my painkillers.

My new job is proving a challenge and I wouldn't wish today (day 2) on my worst enemy.......I'll tell you more when I'm feeling more positive.

Oh, and before I collapse into bed........go on over and say hello to my sweet friend Le Laquet. Poor Jo has been taken into hospital herself, after being so concerned about Aginoth. Wish her well, my blogbuddies.


Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well, I went again...............bleedin' depressing place - poor old Aginoth.

In order to visit Aginoth I have to wear the latest in high fashion; the blue plastic apron and latex gloves. I hate the gloves, by the time I take them off my hands are wringing wet....

This is barrier protection, however I am puzzled as to who is protected from what in this ludicrous garb. I'm certainly not protected, as today I sat on his bed and I kiss him goodbye every day. He's not protected because I am still traipsing Bristol grime into the hospital, apron or no apron.......and an apron doesn't stop airborne viruses. ah well....[shrug]

You wanna see more of Aginoth?

These are his arms, fully creamed up in dithranol. It has an air of deja vue, cos this is what he looked like last time he was in hospital...... and doncha just LOVE those apricot jammies :-( If you want a birds eye view of his ward - check his blog....

OK, go on - you wanna see this 300 year old hospital, doncha?? Here it is, built in 1735........still waiting for a decent refurb too!

Austere, ain't it? looks like an asylum.....

and next door? oh look, a University building.......cor, imagine the moolah that went into that beauty..........

Isn't life unfair........??


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Busy Busy

My days and evenings have been taken up lately with closing down my job and hospital visiting.

As I am not being replaced (for the moment) in the team, I have been working long days at the office, delegating work, sorting out what needs to be done and what can wait. It hasn't helped that the stupid computer system at work has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow all week. Most of the stuff I should have done just didn't get done, as it was held on the most fragile server that was down for the best part of my last week! But I managed to mostly clear the decks before the dreaded 'presentation'. I like my boss, really I do, and I adore the girl who put together the meat of my leaving presentation (lots of fun things I had done in the team - including crashing an expensive wedding! :-O) - but the boss didn't use any of that, and I was quite disappointed with his speech. But it's all over now, I have another gorgeous bunch of flowers, some of my favourite munchie choccies and an adorable 'Good Luck' teddy :-)

My evenings have been a blur of dashing to the hospital then dashing home and cooking and cleaning; or on other days dashing home to cook and clean then dashing off to the hospital! Poor old Aginoth! There is a bug going round the wards and his ward is now shut. You can only visit if you are 100% bug free. So his family (who are suffering with a stomach bug in turns!) can't visit. So I have been lengthening my visiting times to try and cover the gap - but there's nothing like seeing your own family! :-(
In fact. I have just come back from there now from the afternoon visiting to give myself the evening off. I have delivered nice Walkers Sensations crisps to supplement his terrible meals, a stack of DVDs, a Saturday Guardian which should give him plenty of reading material(!) and a book for him to plan family trips when he finally is mobile again! I am taking in all the messages sent to me, and some emails others have sent. There's some funny stuff in his Grin Room Folder now! Thank you all very much for sending your messages and wishes :-)

Still to do;

write to my mum -

organise her mother's day present - CHECK

write to my insurance company -

write a letter on a Health and Safety assessment I performed yesterday for my new job - CHECK

This is my way of making sure I do these vital tasks!

Busy busy..........

Oh, and I know my blog has been a little fragile lately, but it all seems to be working fine now [crosses fingers]

Update: I have picked up another Silver Medal at the BlogOlympics Training Camp 3 - woo hoo to me!

OK - vacuum the upstairs and it's off back to the hospital!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Audience Participation Tuesday

Not, not a new blogging phenonomononon........thingy.......

This is a special event, aimed at lifting the spirits of our blogger friend, Aginoth. He is in hospital undergoing nasty treatment with chemicals to try and control (and hopefully cure!) his psoriasis.

Tucked away in his bed in the miserable ward, surrounded by old men who should be in Geriatric not Dermatology, deprived of decent food and missing his wife and family, Aginoth is sad today. Actually, he's sad most days at the moment, but he's an upbeat kinda guy on the whole!

I was driving home from the hospital wondering how I could help. He can moblog (within reason) and he can pick up emails (size permitting) on his mobile, but with such a small connection he's very limited.

Bingo! Why don't I get all our Blog Buddies involved!!

E-Mail me messages for Aginoth!!

Jokes, stories, pictures, messages - let your imaginations loose! Then I will print them off and take them in to him. He can read your messages, laugh at your awful (but funny!) jokes, and enjoy your stories. He can keep them and read them again and again. Let's turn his grim room into a Grin Room!
And don't forget Mrs A, nip on over to our juggling mother and give her BlogLuuuurve :-)

I know I haven't been around much, but with the job move imminent (meaning long days closing down my current post!) and Aginoth in hospital, I am not getting much chance to blog atm!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Memory

How about this for a Monday Memory? A *future* memory! :-)

Tonight my Line Manager took me out for dinner to say 'goodbye and thankyou'. We took a couple of girls from the office that I particularly wanted to treat, K and N.
My Line Manager greeted me at her hotel with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers - in my fave colours too!

They are now in my equally gorgeous purple glass vase :-)

And K and N presented me with the most thoughtful present......see?

It's a scrapbook, started by them with the sweetest opening page. Pretty cat stickers, lovely bold colours, a little presentation (the pale green bit) based on an office award certificate (very clever!) and the girls have written in it too! I'm going to fill that book, and treasure it.

We went to the Siam Harbourside in Bristol, as it was my treat and I LOVE Thai food! (ps thanks Aginoths for introducing me to Thai!) The Siam is fantastic. The food was generous portions and SO delicious, the delicate flavours of the Thai recipes came through with no harsh overtones that you get with Chinese food.

I had my usual :-) Battered vegetables with sweet chilli dipping sauce, followed by vegetable sweet and sour. For pudding I had the most un-Thai chocolate ice-cream dessert with cream and chocolate sauce and chocolate covering..........[dribble]...oops -sorry! :-)

Topped off with a delicious Russian coffee (thanks for driving, K - that coffee was something to behold!). The waitress trundled out a little trolley, complete with dozens of bottles of booze, coffee, cream and a little burner! She heated the alcohol in the glass (in my case vodka), spooning it around until the whole glass burned blue. Then she added coffee and cream, and served it. Then she heated more alcohol in a metal spoon until it was alight, and poured the burning alcohol into the coffee, making a stream of blue fire into this amazing drink :-) WOW! And it was delicious, to boot!! Strong coffee with a bite of pure alcohol on the back of the throat....

So, a wonderful evening with three delightful young ladies, joking, story-telling and much laughter.

This is my Monday Memory for this week - a future memory!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hospital Visiting.......

Yup, with Aginoth back in hospital and Mrs A juggling visiting, three boisterous kids and a household to run, I am hospital visiting again :-)

I confess: I am a bad visitor - although I remembered Aggie's newspaper, I forgot to smuggle in various chocolatey items.........[bad cq] This, I hasten to add will be remedied next time I visit.

Aginoth is currently on steroids and petroleum jelly to ease his inflamed psoriasis before he gets 'The Treatment', and he is looking a lot better. His patches (as seen in those shocking pictures on his blog) are not so 'angry' as they were and he is a lot more comfortable (relatively, of course!). His face gets special creams and has cleared up lovely - I went in today and saw my sweet good-looking friend smiling at me :-)
But the itching is still driving him bonkers.......

Mind you, with RCA there as well we made lots of plans for October!

Wouldn't be surprised if he gets a reputation in that ward - I think all his visitors are female at the moment; Mrs A, me, RCA and Nanny A. I think he needs some Men to visit to balance things out! Mind you, it means he gets lots of hugs :-) Always a good thing when you are poorly, hugs!
And when you're 'young' a reputation for having lots of females at your beck and call doesn't hurt :-)

Oh, that reminds me, I promised to blog this gem!

While chatting, I caught sight of his hospital tag and it reminded me he has a big birthday this year. This year my young friend is going to be 36 [waits for laughter to subside]
Which means he is now in the '36-45' age bracket on questionnaires.
It also means he is no longer in the Britney Spears age bracket, but has been promoted to the Denzel Washington age bracket (I tried to say the Dick Van Dyke bracket - but I got THAT look! [chuckle])

Anyone get the idea I am glad he is feeling a little better in himself? :-)



Trying to change the layout of the Story Store, I managed to change the wrong blog!

bear with me while I sort this out........


How Boyish or Girlish are you?

You Are 40% Boyish and 60% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.


Friday, March 10, 2006

My first BlogWalk

No Thursday Thirteen this week - and this is why!

My first blogwalk was done without a camera - how clever is that!
Never mind.......

I was visiting Aginoth in the Infirmary (built 1735 and desperately in need of a facelift!) In fact, there ARE no pictures on the internet of this intensely miserable building.

I turned left and strolled down Upper Maudlin Street, and the Bristol Eye Hospital caught my attention - never having been down that road.
Built into the wall is brickwork sculptures - incredibly beautiful.

This panel is 'Madonna' - and if you look carefully you can see the brickwork!

This panel is 'Birds'.

These are just two of the five panels, each 5' 7" x 12' which represent:
1. The origins of the earth
2. Seeds and flowers
3. Fish and birds
4. Animal life
5. Humanity

Sculptor Walter Ritchie took the theme for the panels from the Romanes Lecture given by the 1st Viscount Samuel in around 1947, part of which is incorporated in the final panel.
"Disaster and crisis were always advertised, settlement and tranquillity seldom. Only in retrospect could we see things in their relations. When we passed from the years to the centuries, and from the centuries to the whole expanse of man's story - out of chaos into life, from animal life into humanity, and on into civilization; when we saw man in his cosmic setting, the latest child of the universe wedded to an eternity, his thoughts transcending matter and seeking deity - there was no room for ignoble despair: rather would our minds be filled with wonder and our hearts with thankfulness."

I LOVE that excerpt!

So, off down Maudlin Street, through some pretty grotty bits of Bristol (car hire garages and stuff) and then to the Christmas Steps - what a pretty name!

'Its medieval title was Queene Street, then it became known as Knyfesmyth Street, after those who traded there. This name may gradually have been corrupted into the ‘Christmas’ of today.
Others suggest that the name may be derived from the nativity scene found in a stained glass window of The Chapel of the Three Kings of Cologne, which lies at the top of the steps.'

At the top of the steps is a plaque recording "This streete was steppered done in 1669," with details of the event. The street is lined both sides by interesting little shops and cafes

At the very bottom of the steps lies a building thought to date back to the 13th Century, which has housed a fish and chip shop for well over 100 years which is one of the first ever ‘chippies’ to open in England:

Never liking to tread on tradition, I purchased a serving of Christmas Steps Chips :-) and walked and munched.

From there I turned into Colston Avenue:

Edward Colston (1636-1721), who was a well-known benefactor (whispers: and slavetrader!) of the city, founded schools and almshouses and established other charities. The bronze statue by John Cassidy was erected in Colston Avenue and unveiled on November 13th 1895. Subscriptions for the statue were not sufficient and the remaining balance was contributed by an "anonymous gentleman".

My chips lasted until I got to the pub - yep, this imposing edifice is a pub!!

The Commercial Rooms were built in 1810 (three years after the end of the slave trade) as a new centre for Bristol's businessmen. The site was formerly occupied by another of Bristol's famous coffee houses, Foster's Coffee House. The exterior of the building has statues representing Bristol, Commerce and Navigation, which are sometimes referred to as the three commercial graces. One carving shows Britannia checking the monies due to her from the rest of the world.

Then it was a case of meeting up with my colleagues and off we went to Jongleurs Comedy Club - more on that tomorrow!!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who's the Best?

Brian Dennehy has won the 2006 Best Actor Laurence Olivier Award for his portrayal of Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman. This completes an impressive treble for Dennehy, who also won a Tony Award (Broadway’s equivalent of the Laurence Olivier Awards) and a Golden Globe for exactly the same role when the production was originally staged on Broadway and subsequently filmed.
Dennehy, a dramatic arts graduate of Yale, utilised his imposing frame to great effect in Death Of A Salesman as aging salesman Willy Loman. The broad shoulders and barrel chest of the American Dream’s greatest follower were transformed during the performance into the most fragile of shells, as Dennehy played out the life of a travelling salesman whose entire working life may have been a feat of imagination.
Dennehy was making his West End debut in Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play. He is probably best known for his film roles which include Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo And Juliet, Presumed Innocent, F/X, Legal Eagles, Cocoon, Gorky Park and First Blood. His Broadway stage work includes Long Day’s Journey Into Night, for which he won a second Tony Award for Best Actor in 2003, and Peter Brook’s production of The Cherry Orchard.

What is it that makes me go weak at the knees for Mr Dennehy after all these years? I mean, even when I was young he was no spring chicken..Is it his bright blue eyes, full of mischief, is it his 'engaging grin' (wonderful description!), or is it his imposing presence?
And what a prolific and successful stage actor too :-)
Congratulations, Brian, wherever you are :-)

I have removed the music temporarily as people seemed to have problems accessing my blog with it on here (including, of all people, Aginoth!)

and dave - the stunning voice is Katie Melua - I can seriously recommend the cd 'Piece by Piece'.

The 2006 Crazie Holiday is booked........
Aginoth, Mrs A, the Aginothlings, cyberkitten, sleepypete, rca, rca's SO, bionicdwarf and I are heading to sunny (we hope!) Cornwall in October for a week of R&R :-)
jeez - look at all those bloggers!! :-)
Should be a blast - usually is.....


Monday, March 06, 2006


You know........[thinks]

yeah, it's ok, come closer..........that's better.........

You know, I was mulling over a few blogging ideas for today, bits of this, bits of that, perhaps a couple of Monday Memories.

Then, while cruising my blogroll, I made my usual first stop at Aginoth's blog (warning, he has disturbing photos on there today).

Let me tell you a little bit about Aginoth. He's a few years younger than me and we met at nursery school; him with Agi Jnr (then a baby) and me with Boo doing one of my taxi days for silentmum.
We chatted for a while, as parents/godparents do and I wandered off thinking, what a very nice young man.

Soon after we started emailing at work and home and he was made a Crazie (it's a painless ceremony, honest!). I met his lovely wife and they welcomed me into their already huge family. I was away when LMB was born, but was one of the first of the Crazies to see her. I was among the first to see LMD only days after her birth too.

I look after their children whenever they ask. It started as a vague offer and as time went on and the children grew to trust me I made the open-ended offer of free babysitting to help out - baby-sitters can cost a fortune just for a night out!
Actually, it's not free. It costs a bag of Flying Saucers (sherbert filled rice paper) for an evening. Two if it's a late one :-)

We holiday together, we play together, we cry together, we torment together. Aginoth and his family have been the family I lost at an early age to pride and prejudice.

One of the first things Aginoth did for me, which I rarely permitted in those days, was he gave me a 'Huggy Hug'. A big, enveloping hug. A hug which scared away all my demons of depression and self-loathing. Mrs A does a mean line in hugging too :-)

And now, my Aginoth, my brother in all but blood, is suffering and there is nothing I can do to help. I can email, I can blog and I can text. I can visit, but I know how he feels about how he looks. There is no magic wand I can wave to make him feel better. I can't even hug away his demons.

I love you Aginoth.

And I love Mrs Aginoth.

And I adore your children.

Here's to that phone ringing - even if it does lead to the windowless yellow room....and as before I will be there every day I can, boring the shirt off your back! I will bring you treats and sweets, books and dvds, sit with you and admire the nurses and dream of when we will have our next Huggy Hug.


Saturday, March 04, 2006



I want a man who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen all day long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.
I want him to be gainfully employed,
And when I spend his cash, not be annoyed.
Pulls out my chair and opens my door,
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! For a man who makes love to my mind,
and knows what to answer to "how big is my behind?"
I want this man to love me to no end,
And forever be my very best friend.


I want a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with huge boobs
who owns a liquor store, a Chocolate Shop and a fishing boat.
I know this doesn't rhyme, but I don't care.


And a huge thankyou to Mah Sweet Georgia Rose for telling me how to get music on my blog - hope you enjoy my choices :-)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Stuff n Stuff

Well, well, well...........[looks pleased] so far so good.

Three BlogOlympic Training Camps completed and your Queen has managed to net three respectable medals!

I got Gold in the training camp hosted by
cybervassals. 57 people came to my blogparty! [flexes fingers] Hope you all had a good time.

I managed Silver in
Training Camp 1 - the comparison test with blog experts Uisce or Running2Ks to see what a champion blog is made of.

And again, Silver in BlogOlympic HQ
Training Camp 2 where we discovered how long it takes to load our blogs.

Quote for today heard on the radio:

Nicolas Cage (talking about being civil to fans) 'If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today' - you go, Nic!! (ConAir and The Rock are two of my fave movies!)

Tired now...........going to bed, it's been a long week for Queenie.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Things I love and hate about blogs

1. LOVE that, whatever time I log on, my blog is always there.

2. LOVE that, whenever I open my blog, there are lots of comments from blogbuddies.

3. LOVE that today I am Michele's Site of the Day [preens]

4. LOVE music on blogs. Gonna put some on mine - I see Nina Simone crooning at the Palace in the near future!

5. LOVE colour (well, d'uh!). Killired's blog is a riot of pink - I adore visiting!

6. LOVE a relaxed atmosphere on a blog. Those blogs where people just chunter on about whatever they like!

7. LOVE the blogosphere. All those people I never knew six months ago, all coming to chat with little old me!

8. LOVE my identity. Some of you know the Real Me, but as I don't like Me, craziequeen lets me be everything Me isn't!

9. LOVE Michele and Wendy. What with Michele's M&G (responsible for most of my blogroll!) and Wendy's Audition Calls, I am meeting lots of new people.

10. LOVE animal blogs. Being a pet owner, I cruise a lot of 'petblogs' and there are some VERY witty people out there.

11. HATE blogs that are written in text-speak. Type properly, damn you, I haven't got time to decode l8er, m8s and other such gobbledegook!

12. HATE blogs that are singularly specific in subject. It makes it harder for visitors to comment.

13. HATE bloggers with no sense of humour!

Thursday Thirteen Notables
All Thursday Thirteen participants can be seen on the Thursday Thirteen blogroll to your right and down a bit - go on...have a wee surf!

Special notice -

Sleepypete has done his first Thursday Thirteen, and guess what? Yours Truly gets a special mention! [blows kiss to Sweet Sleepy.

rashbre hasn't been seen around the palace in a while - his TT is up :-)

New pal Scouser is formulating plans for World Domination - obviously blog parties weren't enough for our Liverpudlian Lad!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun!

Phew - just made it in time.....2354! :-)

Rushed back from the cinema to post this :-)


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blog Party to end all Blog Parties at the Palace

Cybervassals has set an Olympic Blogging Challenge: Host a blog party based on your blogroll and include as many guests as you can before your fingers collapse in exhaustion. The Top 10% (those with the most links) participating in this assignment will win a Gold Medal! Results will be posted at the IOBC Headquarters.So here goes: Welcome to the first blog party at the Palace!

After fruitlessly trying to upload a 'BlogOlympics Training Camp' photo to her blog [:-P] the Queen logged off and went downstairs. She pulled the silken curtains together, shutting out the cold and frosty night. She put on some gentle music to break the ice and ran a nervous hand through her hair. The tables were laid. Daisy, Wendy, Rosie and Dawn were busily putting the finishing touches to the candles and the glitter. Aginoth and Mrs Aginoth relaxed in the lounge with Cyberkitten and dave, discussing faith and science, while Cowboy swapped stories with Hoss - with the audience of a delighted OldOldLady and Ivoryfrog, the latter trying to work out the American accents!
The doorbell rang and there was Cat, bringing Shaggy, Scooby and Scout to play with Pandora and Charlie upstairs while the party was going on. With Cat was Thumper and SpouseThingy, armed with crates containing Max and Buddah - more feline playmates!
The party kicked off gently, with various conversations moving around, and the faint sounds of Buddah breaking china upstairs.
Amber was chatting to Vanessa and Courtney about children, with Dena chiming in now and then. Kdubs listened from a nearby comfy chair, her head resting on the arm.
Fluke, Eric and Jean-Luc occupied a small corner of the room discussing the merits of time travel ethics. Having been snubbed by Fluke Mr Sprok moodily chewed on carrot sticks and glared out of the window. Stephanie and Mother were telling Minerva and June all about the strength of crystals in one's existence with Mar-see-ah, Kitty and Judy listening intently. Then Stephanie offered to read Tarot and a queue quickly formed. Killired, Laquet, Cindy, Ribbiticus, Tabby and Michele waited eagerly for their readings.
Meanwhile, Kat and Deni extolled the virtues of New York to a fascinated group of Brits; Rashbre, SID and Spindleshanks were all throwing questions madly at the Big Apple Dwellers.
Margalit arrived a little late and out of breath (must be the teenage children) and brought some excellent music for us to listen to. MamaB, Mar, Blogfather, Scouser and Barbara bopped the night away in the corner, although there was some mention of the way Scouser never let Barbara out of his sight!
Over a few glasses of beer, Carmi, Uisce, Cin and Utenzi discussed photography in all its glory, recalling favourite shots in immense detail. Pete thought the idea of photography might help him create more realistic gaming characters, so he listened intently and asked questions of the three intrepid photographers.
Cybervassals made notes for the BlogOlympics and munched on chicken and thinly sliced beef.

The Palace Blog Party was well underway for another year. The Queen dropped gently into her favourite armchair and contemplated all her happy friends - and wondered if anyone else would be calling by..... :-)

ps - Wordless Wednesday will return next week.