Saturday, May 31, 2008

Canada 1

[author's note; some 350 photos were taken in Canada, so I have made a small selection for viewing here.]

Wow, is it really three weeks since I got back from Canada? cyberkitten and I went on a trip to revisit one of our dearest friends who emigrated with her daughter. They live in Victoria, BC and we haven't seen them since they emigrated five years ago.
On the first couple of days we were taken on a whistle-stop tour of some of the most beautiful lakes and lagoons I have ever seen.
Equimalt Lagoon, deserted and oh so peaceful...
Thetis Lake, glimpsed through the trees, the new up and coming leisure resort...
'Chosin Lagoon - Boo finds anything to play with....
Vancouver Island is a sea of lakes. It's safe to say we fell in love with the place from the moment the island loomed out of the mist.
While at 'Chosin we noticed a small sign for a local pottery, so we called in. A potter named Robin Hopper has made his home in the woods of Chosin, producing the most beautiful pottery and, in his spare time, designing and landscaping a wonderful Japanese garden. I bought a most beautiful fruit bowl and silentmum surprised me with a mug in the same design - which I use constantly!
The Japanese garden was full of hidden treats - porcelain doves, sculpted bullrushes, tree men, wolves and pots and lanterns. We were stunned by the beautiful fake stream with fish Robin had made in the Japanese garden.

And, of course, Boo was ready for her close-up.........anytime.........

More another day.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy, Busy....

Non-stop at the moment, what with Canada, then new kitten, then Italy, then back to work, and now rushing to clean kit for Caerphilly Castle.....

So, some pictures for your delectation and delight.....

The three of us together again after 5 years of separation......

All of us waiting to go whale watching - and yes, we saw a whale.....Pender was his name!

And finally - me in my new 'summer' frock in the rainy Italian field.....with John and Tim keeping an eye on the 14C stove....

I'll be around, but busy until next week....


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drench Brains

I laughed out loud when I saw this - it's SO clever!! :-)



Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes you're just trucking along, getting back into the swing of work after an overseas holiday, preparing for a weekend in 14C Italy, quickly sewing up a new re-enactment dress (nice yellow now I'm not a filthy peasant!)......and you get a late night phonecall with a plea for help...

and life serves you a curveball.....

Say hello to the curveball......

Little man has no name - MB and I are disagreeing; I suggested William, he suggested at the moment he's just a kittycat.

He's about a year or younger, still got his baby teeth - and all his equipment (if ya'all know what I mean.....). And he is very sweet. When he's [ahem] done, he's going to be a lovely pet. He's a stray and very skinny. Off to the V.E.T with him as soon as possible!

But - well, he is a very pretty cat - and kisses nice......

And in case you're wondering - Charlie is rather bemused but not horrified.


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

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After a long journey home and a car breakdown which added two hours onto a very tiring trip, I just went to sleep when I got home...

Now its 3am and jetlag is keeping me up!

My brains feel like....
I have heard that cyberkitten is also up and about at this ridiculous hour....
perhaps he is sorting through the 350 photographs we took between us!