Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Call Me.....

Another weekend, another event. A local fayre to raise money for the restoration of the 14C tithe barn. It's the second time we have done this event and it's a doddle - a single day with a couple of overnights thrown in, lots of children and a beautiful medieval barn as a backdrop.

I gained a new persona at this event. Now I am not only Quene Brambles, wife of the absent Billy Brambles (our lovely Anthony, currently living overseas), but I am now also Mama Dawes.

Dawes is the nickname of a young man in the group. We have been making friends for a couple of years now and he likes hanging out at the moneying stall when not on show and we enjoy each other's company. He's about 18 years younger than me - which makes me feel ancient! This weekend he turned up at camp and I went to meet him. We hugged and one of the girls commented he didn't like to hug, at which I said without thinking 'but I am Mama Dawes - and I get hugs!' at which I got another!
The name stuck and we couldn't resist referring to my new maternal status at random opportunities, totally bemusing unknowing members of the company :-)

Funniest was when Dawes and I decided we were tired at the same time and peeled away from the fire for bed (me to my tent and him to his car) followed by various suggestive comments and whistles from the company - at which he said with mock outrage 'Don't talk about my mother like that!'......a confused silence dropped while we screamed with laughter and waltzed off!

So was born Mama Dawes - mother to smelly soldier Dawes, who is destined to be a bad'un, I think. Should be an interesting life....
I can hear my spiel to the public now -
'Of course, out of my seven babies the only survivor was my boy, Dawes...him over there with the dirty padding and the beard.....!' :-)

Another thing that made me smile was giving first aid to our esteemed medieval doctor. The quirk about our medieval doctor is he is a practising doctor, specialising in A&E trauma. So there I am with an antiseptic wipe and this experienced doctor is cowering in front of me whispering 'You're going to hurt me, aren't you.......?' [evil grin]

Ah, such fun - a day out in sunshine and an opportunity to spend quality time with friends :-)
Just call me Mama Dawes ;-)


Saturday, June 19, 2010


While my main job is still Health and Safety, I am enjoying my second string - teaching at work. I have now expanded my repertoire to include First Aid, defibrillator use/Basic Life Support and Display Screen Equipment assessor training.

This week I managed to pack in one each of the latter two. While being on my feet for two constant days played havoc with my knees, I did enjoy the days. I like teaching these subjects because the candidates are volunteers and are keen to learn. I am a firm believer in the principle that humour helps the learning process.

I don't get anything extra for providing this training except the experience of doing it and the qualification.

So what is my reward?

The smile from the nervous young girl who has never done chest compressions when she gets the depth and speed right and I tell her she has a new skill........
The laugh from the woman who unconsciously backed into a corner unsure she could ever do CPR when she goes through the whole process without a hiccup....!
The chuckles from the students when I use an entertaining story to illustrate the value of assessment.......
The burgeoning confidence of a class who are playing at assessor and exercising their fresh knowledge; the noise levels rise in conjunction with the confidence levels.....

The feedback from students that includes words like 'supportive', 'entertaining', 'brilliant', 'educating', 'confident'......


Saturday, June 05, 2010

New Mommy

I have adopted a new's a Rhodochiton atrosanguineus.....I think.....
Well at the moment it's a couple of ickle leaves sprouting in a newspaper was pressed on me at our works' BioDiversity Day and I was told to plant it in my garden......
Her name is Arabella...
But when she's grown up - apparently, she'll look something like this :-)

Pretty - and purple.......I just have to keep her alive now....


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Caerphilly Castle

Lots of rain, dragons in the sky, market stalls, two headed black snake, battle injuries, laughter, sewing, gunfire, arrows through the air, sunburn, the clash of swords, wet canvas, women talking........the 14C was fun again.....