Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chairs and Snow

MB and I have just received our new recliner chairs and, of course, they had to be checked over by the felines before being used.......
Footstool - check
Mama's chair - check

Daddy's chair - check

And we are still covered in snow - the worst snowfall in 20yrs, apparently. Shop shelves are empty, bins have not been collected, thousands of schools are shut....

We are just waiting for the second (or is it third?) wave of snow. Luckily our snow is not half as bad as other counties.

What an exciting life we do lead........! [wry smile]


Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas with Craziequeen

A First in 2009! Charlie left the tree alone - mostly. William got a little tempted towards the New Year, but the tree was mostly untouched...
I ended up looking for lights on Christmas Eve and found some lovely little lights dirt cheap which lasted well, easy to drape and made the tree look so pretty.

Christmas was lovely - just me and the Much Beloved with our felines had a couple of nice relaxing days. I started coughing on Boxing Day. On the 28th MB zipped off to his parents for a few days and I went to the Crazies Christmas bash at the Aginoths house. A fun evening was had by all, despite my cough and croaky voice.

Come the next day, 29th, and my virus was properly kicking off. That turned into proper flu with roaring temperature, tears and fever by the time MB returned home on New Years Eve and I went into crisis on New Years Day. It took 18 hours to break the fever and another couple of days to get rid of the temperature.

Now it's the 4th January and I am only just beginning to feel human again. One more day of my leave and it's back to work - was the break worth it??

Cor - you gotta love Christmas........!


Friday, January 01, 2010


Good morning all and welcome to 2010.
I have a new year resolution - to write on my blog.
I don't yet know what shape my TwentyTen blog will take, but I am hoping to steer away from the same old-same old I have been writing for the last couple of years and look to something new.
For today - yay! Patrick Stewart has been knighted. Well done to 'Sir Patrick' for a wonderful career in the theatre and film world.
Yeah, we all know him as the dour sensible Captain Picard of Star Trek, but he has had a very successful lifetime career on the stage and is a masterful Shakespearian actor of some might.