Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Day

Today I'm off to one of my least favourite places in the entire world -I hate hospitals - I hate the smells and the sounds. I hate being dependent, half naked and exposed. I hate being asked where it hurts and 'what kind of pain is it?'.

But today I have to go and get my knee checked out. It's called a clinical assessment and treatment dept and will carry out all the required tests to, hopefully, diagnose my injury and put me on the road to recovery.

To add to the stress, MB has left for Scotland this morning. He usually comes to hospital with me when I need to go. We have both had hospital stays and we know how horrible it is.

I've filled out my attendance questionnaire. We joke about the NHS, but I worried about the question 'What do YOU think is wrong?' - I couldn't help thinking that perhaps that was their job....

More later

Update: well, I have been poked and prodded and the answer is 'we don't know'. There are some clues that lead to femoral nerve damage and/or the cruciate ligaments being pulled. The physio said that pain is a really bad measurement, and the swollen knee is a giveaway there is a problem.

So, now it's a letter to the hospital and a waiting list - of 5-6 weeks for an orthopaedic appointment. And keep on with the crutches and painkillers.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clockin' On....

Long time no blog.......so what have I been up to?

Work - well, d'uh! I've been teaching (and learning) and doing the day to day grind. My teaching is still popular and going from strength to strength.

My two year anniversary of stopping smoking has passed and, even with the odd brief temptation, I have not broken my vow.

Struggling with my usual autumn depression.....same old, same old...

I had a bout of the flu, there's a nasty bug going around at the moment. Cyberkitten got it too - not from me, I hasten to add! I blame public transport - all those unhealthy people coughing and sneezing on the bus! Ended up in bed with a temperature and a cough that would shatter glass.

And for the last week and a half I have had a new fashion accessory.....
I hurt my knee at Pembroke (see here) and it was still not healing properly two months later so I went to the doctor and asked for some advice. His advice was exercise and we agreed some nice low impact cardio-vascular swimming would be a good start.
A week later I was back in his surgery with my knee twice the size and four times the pain and the doc admitted maybe exercise was not the best option......
X-rays have shown nothing but there is still pain and swelling so it's off to the hospital for a scan this week - and I have powerful pain-killers and crutches to take the strain off the damaged knee.