Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Night Sweet Pea...

Rest in Peace, Pandora my darling.

24 Jul 1989
31 Mar 2008
We love you.
Mama cq and Daddy MB

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Those readers who visit regularly may remember me going on a training course in January to teach First Aid. I was successful and congratulated on my practical training methods by my trainer.
Then the site invested in a nice new Resusci-Anne torso and defibrillator training unit, and it was over to me.
After a couple of hours of wittering away to myself and playing with the equipment in a room creating lesson scenarios, I came away with a short lesson plan that covered Basic Life Support and defib training.

Last week I delivered my first training sessions on, unfortunately for the odd easter-time, Maundy Thursday. My lovely, but cynical, boss had a wager with me that only a handful of the class would appear given the impending holiday.
But (pokes tongue out at boss) bar a couple, all the prospective students turned up to see me demonstrate and teach CPR and use of the defibrillator in a collapse situation. It was a simple teaching session, no complicated First Aid - that's for another time!
There are currently 7,500 people on our site (on a good day!) in stress-filled jobs and this is predicted to rise to 10,000 over the next four years - so we need lots of people trained in basic life support skills.
Most of my students were not First Aid trained, and didn't have a clue about chest compressions or heart massage - other than myth and TV! So, it was challenging to say the least.

I have got my feedback on the course and it was, without exception, positive and glowing.

Me dun good....

And so it's onto the next session next week.....


Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little excitement.... an otherwise dull day.
Today was miserable at work. We have a new computer system and today it didn't work at all - hardly at all. We sat there all day, waiting for the computer system to wake up. I filled my time packing boxes for our impending move to another office block.
It was so boring and frustrating, not being able to get on with some proper work.
Then Liz from security came rushing down the corridor.
'There's been an incident in the next building! Someone's collapsed! The ambulance is on the way and have asked for a defib to be made available!'
As I sprinted from my desk she called after me 'In the kitchens!'.
I sprinted across site, my manager in pursuit, running resuscitation scenarios through my mind. I entered the building at the same time as the paramedics, grabbed the defib from the wall and joined them in the kitchen.
After some initial care from the paramedics the girl recovered enough to be removed to the ambulance for further checks. There was, in fact, nothing medically wrong with her.
I put the defib back and went back to waiting for my computer to boot up..........
Dull days, indeed......

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stuff, stuff and more stuff......

After only a year in 14C re-enactment, my luggage is growing......

Fluffy boots and extra blanket is because it is supposed to be going to be -3 and colder this weekend!!


Monday, March 17, 2008


She'll never know........
Lovely and soft this new fleecey thing.......

Monday, March 10, 2008

Psst! Wanna See........?

What living history re-enactment companies get up to on weekends........?

Martin is a treasonous thief who has been caught, tried and be hung from the gate of Pembroke Castle.

The narration is delivered by Nick, aka Lord de Beauchamp, watched over by Young Lord Thomas Hungerford (leaning on his sword). This is the crowning part of the Crime and Punishment session, which includes deliberations on adultery, thieving and treason. The Company are debating having me up for the crime of forgery or light coins this season, but they would have to hang draw and quarter me (the usual punishment for an errant Moneyer!) and I think even that might be beyond our modest SFX!

Don't strain your eyes - the Crazie One is not in this film!
I like this film, videoed by MB, so much I'm leaving it up for a couple of days for everyone to see.
Feel free to link it, comment on it or steal it (david!) with the appropriate acknowledgement.

Update: Saturday
With the new season right around the corner, one's thoughts are totally concentrated on preparation for the first event - Easter weekend at Caerphilly Castle. Add to that the responsibilities of this new junior Council Officer and Membership Officer - and my mind is preoccupied.

We went to the Re-Enactor Market today - very much more successful shopping trip than the last market.
I bought a new stool (finally, my own stool!), a sheepskin to throw over it (which needs 'distressing'!), a water ewer (big enough to use to take water to the soldiery too) and an adorable little handmade wicker basket.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Night....

It's Saturday night - this week I have been so busy at work during the day, sewing and updating Company paperwork in the addition I have had a sick MB at home most of the week.
So blogging and Life have taken a back seat. I even sat hemming my headcovering at work!

But, my chores are up to date. The kitchen is clean, the house is tidy, the laundry is drying on the airer, the smalls are folded and there is a newly made day dress, underdress and headcovering all ready for Battle Practice tomorrow. I admit I did cheat with my day dress, but I will be resewing by hand and unpicking the machine sewing after Battle Practice.

This week was a tremendous toll, but there was a moment of light in the I know you Yanks love British commercials......turn the volume up....

What do your cats talk about while you are away?
First one:

Second one:

And seen tonight - making me laugh out loud....

[psst - in case you didn't get this last one, it's little normally scaredy dog who becomes supremely confident and 'The Man' in his owner's VW Polo.]



Wednesday, March 05, 2008


If I'm not working, or cooking, or clearing up, or sewing...........I'm thankfully asleep.........

Back when I have more than five minutes to catch my breath....


Sunday, March 02, 2008

#1 Son

You all know I am unable to have children. It hurts all the more because I lost my first child during pregnancy through no fault of my own. Knowing then what I know now - losing my only chance - I would probably not be here now.

Today is Mother's Day and it is one day of the year I hate and dread.

But every year a little miracle happens. His name is SleepyPete and you can meet him here.

Every year without fail SleepyPete sends me flowers. At the same time he orders them for his real mum, he orders a beautiful bouquet for his pseudo-mum (Mum #2) - me!

Look at this very pretty bouquet - roses, tulips, freesias and beautiful greenery.

Pete - you are my Special Boy. Every year you make this Day bearable and I love you for it.

All my lovely visitors, please go and visit him at the link above and leave a message for this wonderful caring man.