Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kidwelly in the Sun

It was a glorious sunny weekend in Kidwelly Castle, for the first foray into the middle ages.

Our new tent looked wonderful in the lea of a magnificent medieval tower.
This is one of my favourite pictures from the Castle - I found four windows in looks almost magical...
As the soldiers march off to perform their drill programme, the women sit around the fire, tending the fire and discussing the matters of the day.
Amongst other displays, our soldiers put on a show of drill, using the bill weapons - a 6' pole with an evil weapon attached to the end. This movement is called a schiltron, where the soldiers gather to protect the assets, the Lords, Knights, the Standard and (in this instance) the Sergeant at Arms. The schiltron has been known to comprise up to 2,000 soldiers.
Oh, speaking of Lords, here are Lords Hungerford Jnr (left) and Snr watching their soldierly detachment go through the drill to ensure they are effective in the battlefield. These Lords rely on the smelly soldiers to protect them and their households.

Yeah, I know...I'm a re-enactment bore...but I love it :-)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

It's off to the Middle Ages we go.... :-)

This weekend The Company of Chivalry are disappearing off to Kidwelly Castle. We are all bouncy this morning, swapping talk on Facebook, eager to see each other again and to time travel to the 14C....some have sent their apologies, and I won't see Nick, Marshall, Hannah, John, Georgi (either of them) or my medieval 'husband' Brambles this weekend. But we will all collide at some point in the season :-)

This is the first time we are using the new tent in anger - she so pretty!

and we are really looking forward to having a smaller tent which us ladies can put up without the help of the men.

The first event of the season is always a step into the unknown for me as I go around the house collecting all my medieval stuff I have stuffed here there and everywhere, and I always end up with LOADS in the car I won't use but pack just in case.

I have been making rosaries this week and have lots to sell, with loads more beads to make more as they go...trying out some brightly coloured wood beads this season, to supplement the plain wood and to attract the magpie in those members of the public!

The coin dies are packed and we are ready to explain the 14 century life to keen and eager (and hot!) holidaymakers...


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Here We Are Again

Every year this day rolls around. Now I know most of you enjoy parenthood and have had many years of childish crayon cards and paper flowers, maturing into expensive bouquets and designer cards but always with love and appreciation, but some of us aren't blessed thus. A little something for you to consider: Outsiders Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow to all the mothers, mums, mommies, mamas, mummies and moms out there. I have plans for tomorrow. Watch this space... cq (and I am really aggravated that the 'compose' tool is not acknowledging paragraphs!)