Saturday, April 02, 2011

Here We Are Again

Every year this day rolls around. Now I know most of you enjoy parenthood and have had many years of childish crayon cards and paper flowers, maturing into expensive bouquets and designer cards but always with love and appreciation, but some of us aren't blessed thus. A little something for you to consider: Outsiders Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow to all the mothers, mums, mommies, mamas, mummies and moms out there. I have plans for tomorrow. Watch this space... cq (and I am really aggravated that the 'compose' tool is not acknowledging paragraphs!)

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Walker said...

Being a mother is more than giving birth.
You were blessed with maternal instincts and used them to raise children.
Who's to say you were not their mother in some way.
Maybe in a way that was more important that what their biological mother contributed to their growth into who they are not.
At any rate, Happy Mothers day to you for being the mother you were born to be and were.