Monday, April 28, 2008

It Rains......... Canada too!!

I'm still getting used to being around my Boo - although silentmum and I just picked up where we left off five years ago...
On Saturday we did the lakes and lots of walking with wonderful BC fresh air!
We have visited Bear Mountain - yes, there are bears, but they are now vying for land with the developers of million pound estates and houses - not to mention a large elite golf and country club.
We also went to see Thetis Lake, a thriving summer day out for long hot days. In early spring it was deserted and peaceful - we took lots of photos of this beautiful lake (to whet your appetite, this one is from

While doing the whole lake thing we drove out to Esquimalt Lagoon, a wonderful bird sanctuary:

and we drove out to Metchosin and walked the beautiful lagoon there too - with the orca-watching boats in the distance. Definitely more on this later, as we discovered hidden treasures!

More on these wonderful places when we are home and have downloaded photos!

Needless to say we have plenty of photos so far! My camera is very poorly so ck's shiny new camera is getting lots and lots of use!!

Jet lag is proving a challenge - I got so tired I was throwing up yesterday and slept for five hours during the day. But I am feeling a bit better today, although I am all blocked up with cold - must be the climate. With silentmum at work and Boo at school today, ck and I have scheduled a rest day, reading, watching movies and chatting. I daresay we will, at some point, be blogging too!

I phoned MB last night - it's the furthest apart we have been for a very long time (since he regularly worked overseas) and I got a bit weepy. But I'm so glad I came.

More later!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today I am going to London, accompanied by my best mate cyberkitten, to stay at a Heathrow hotel before getting on one of these tomorrow morning...

ooh, look at the classy wording on the Boeing 777-300....'Air Canada'
And that purty little red leaf on the tail - such a pretty plane in its understated paint job.

Cyberkitten and I are going to see long-gone friends who emigrated five years ago, my best girly mate silentmum and god-daughter Boo :-)

Apparently Boo, who we haven't seen since she was four, is almost hysterical with excitement. silentmum is bursting too - and I am sick with nervous excitement. I understand cyberkitten is packing a supply of tissues!

I'll be be blogging if I find an Internet cafe or spare computer - otherwise, we'll be back in the UK on the 6 May.


Bye Bye


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Guess What.......?

I have this picture on my phone and was stunned by how - er - different it looked.

So, you'll never guess what it really is, so today's game is to make up what it is.......

So, using all your imagination tell me what this is a picture of......

And if I like your answers, I might tell you what it really is.......

update - While I was getting out of my car with my cell phone in my hand, I heard the sound of it taking a picture - so this is actually what the world looks like from inside my hand. The pink on the left is my finger, the glare is daylight.....


Friday, April 18, 2008

Beautiful Boy

Isn't my boy just so beautiful?

We miss Pandora, but Charlie is proving a stalwart comfort.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

'Danger, Will Robinson!'

Wow, check out the smoking counter......down on my sidebar - down a bit, bit more.....

Only two days to the Danger Zone.

I have given up smoking before and the 18 month mark was when I fell by the wayside, a smoking cigarette in one hand.......well, I was drinking too [blushes]

So, to me 18 months is a scary milestone.

Yep really, because I still crave cigarettes.
Yeah, ok, I went cold turkey and got the nicotene out of my system.
But when you have an addictive personality, the craving never leaves. I even still find myself unconsciously reaching for the packet of cigarettes - usually in the car!

It doesn't help that people are still asking me 'was it hard to give up?' or 'do you still want a cigarette?'. I won't write it on this family friendly blog, but I really, really want to shout four letter words at those well-meaning people.

So, for the next few days (or weeks!) cigarettes will be at the forefront of my mind, but I will try not to surrender...


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday Night Out, Saturday Night In....

Last night was Friday Night Out with MB's friend from work and his wife.

I hadn't met them before and I was very nervous. I wore my 'swishy' blue skirt and a blue top, hoping to appear, at the least, respectable. As I was buckling my shoes MB came downstairs in jeans. Needless to say, one cutting sentence later, he was heading back upstairs to put some proper trousers on.

I really struggle with strangers, and that is why I like my Crazies, where I work and also the Company of Chivalry. Neuroses are so hard to control sometimes. Work and hobby have been so understanding about my little ways and the Crazies are as mad as me. Anyway, I tried to be cool about this new couple in my social circle, although I was terrified.
They were lovely. We talked about cars, me and Wife jibed at Hubby, we discussed kittens and cats, re-enactment, work and all sorts.

I was good; no weirdness, no kooky humour.......and it was a nice evening.

Today I went to the cinema with my Boy Crazies; cyberkitten, SleepyPete and Bionicdwarf. '21' was ok, nothing special. A bit of a let down, given Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne. Nothing to grab your attention - the plot was predictable and not saved by the mediocre acting.

Now I am having an evening in at the Aginoths' - babysitting while Mr and Mrs have toddled off to help Nanny A celebrate her birthday.
The girls, Jnr and I had a lovely time watching CBeebies (kiddies BBC) before the girls went off to bed with a story each. Aren't cuddly little kids in pyjamas just the best? Jnr is a very self-contained young man for 7yrs and he just went off up to bed to read his book just a few moments ago.

So the children are asleep, my friends are enjoying a rare night out together and I'm having a Saturday Night In......just me and my chocolate bar [chuckle]



Thursday, April 10, 2008

Annual Report Time

British civil servants are very sceptical about their annual reports. So far, the form has changed its appearance every year for the past five years and is now an e-form (electronic form). Every time we look at the new forms we lose a little more faith in the system.
The form is a combined annual report and bonus application.
The pay is not brilliant, so we usually rely on the pay bonus for a little fillip in our pay packet. Of course, the system being what it is the bonus application goes in at the beginning of the year and the pay rise (and bonus) doesn't show up in our pay until August.

So - how did I do? Bearing in mind that the finished report is 'private', I can tell you that I did ok, better than I thought in fact. It would appear my boss is happy with my work and the effort I put in through the year.

But he did raise one issue that had me scratching my head - he mentioned I have been 'fractious' lately.......hmm.......fractious?
Ah, that would be when I curse the crappy IT system as it collapses yet again dragging all my work with it. Or when I jump up and down because our contractors can't carry out a simple task. Or it could be that I have been dreading moving into the aforementioned refurbished offices (rightly, it appears - headache, Day 3) and have been a little temperamental on the subject. It could be that I have been watching my elderly family cat get frail and dread having her put to sleep. It could be the insomnia, the depression or the increasing weight - despite changing my diet.

OK Boss, I have been fractious, and loud. It's been a tough few months in my head and it spilled out now and then.

I promise to try harder.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Change

We moved offices this weekend. We packed up our entire holdings into crates and they were hauled to a newly refurbished office.

It smells of paint, the IT doesn't work properly, there's no storage, it's hot and stuffy and uncomfortable.

I don't like it. I came away with a screaming headache this afternoon.

I have been feeling evil lately and have been tormenting my boss to death. Luckily, we have a strong friendship that survives mere words......
Of course, my timing could be better - as he reminded me today its annual report time.......!


Sunday, April 06, 2008


with apologies to MB.....I love this guy!

Sheldon rocks! :-)

And for those that don't know, this sweet-looking chap is Jim Parsons, the new Texan on the block, playing Sheldon in Big Bang Theory.

With Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg and Kunar Nayyar, this is a delightful light frothy sitcom.

Big Bang Theory is a Marmite show (love it or hate it) - I am really enjoying it!

{Marmite - British version of Vegemite. By the 1990s Marmite's distinctive and powerful taste had earned it as many detractors as it had fans, and it was commonly notorious for producing a binary and exclusive "love/hate" reaction amongst consumers. Modern advertisements play on this, and Marmite runs a dual skinned website with two URLs; I Love Marmite and I Hate Marmite. So - you get Marmite films, Marmite books, Marmite TV - love it or loathe it!}

Everyone - thank you for all the lovely messages on the passing of our beloved Pandora who had been a part of our lives from her day of birth. It was heartwarming to see all the support. Pandy is now at Rainbow Bridge with her lifetime companion Ambrose who died in 2001.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Sometimes.... stumble over something so small, but so meaningful.....

She loved me........