Thursday, January 26, 2012

Numbnuts the Magnificent

This is my friend's cat, Nummy, isn't he beautiful? Full Maine Coon, absolutely exquisite cat - if a little slow...he is adorably stupid...

But, common in Maine Coons, Nummy has been diagnosed with feline hip dysplasia. It can happen a lot in Maine Coons and the bigger the animal the more serious the problem. As you can see Nummy is a VERY big cat and his condition is serious (this picture was taken before the symptoms settled in).

He is due to have his femurs cropped (the failing balls of the joint cut off) in due course, and I did some research.
"Restricting exercise, such as limiting access to outdoors or the ability to climb up on objects, can be helpful as well. For severely affected cats, a surgery called a femoral head and neck excision arthroplasty is widely available that removes the damaged tissue. Cats that have had this surgery can usually expect a full return of hip function and freedom from pain and discomfort once post-operative healing has occurred."

That sounds so positive, it would be wonderful if this big chap got another chance - he's only 18 months old and that is just too young to creak about like me!


Friday, January 13, 2012

New Toys

Yesterday my boredom at work was relieved by the delivery of a new toy.

When you teach First Aid you get great toys - and to go with my fake wounds, Resus Annie and defibrillator training unit I now have a 'Choking Charlie' :-)

Abdominal thrusts (which used to be called the Heimlich Maneuvre) are too dangerous to be practised on live humans. Previously it was taught with pictures and slow time demonstrations.

Now we have a new dummy to practice on - Choking Charlie! I am teaching First Aid Skills on Monday, and will let my class loose on poor old Charlie....

Go on, admit it - I have the coolest toys!


Sunday, January 01, 2012


Wow, this place is dusty [blows dust off blog]

It looks like no one has been here for months....time to break out the cleaning products!

OK, truth be told after a difficult 2010, 2011 turned out to be another bad year for me with work stresses taking their toll exacerbating my depression, medical problems requiring many tests and then, just as I was regaining my equilibrium from the loss of my dad in 2010, a good and valued friend was killed suddenly on my birthday in 2011, plunging me to new lows of depression.
Friends have helped pull me through the darkness and supported me along the way and I am still here.

But now it is 2012....the year of the Dragon..

Me being a Dragon, this should be a good year for me....but let's just see how things shape up, yeah?

For now, I will dust off the blog and try and post regularly on it...