Saturday, November 18, 2006

Prestigious Evening

I went to see The_Prestige last night with cyberkitten and bionicdwarf.

I was really looking forward to seeing this film. The trailer and the presence of Christian Bale

and Michael Caine

piqued my interest.

Overall the film was good, the premise was interesting (and if you're a Jackman fan it's a treat!). Christian and Michael gave good strong performances and carried the film with some weak(ish) female characterisations.

The only real let-down was the story itself. I don't know if it was meant, but the plot was see-through from very early on and the 'big reveal' at the end (along the lines of The Prestige proper) wasn't so revealing. I knew what was going on all the way through.

But it was fun getting to the end with this group of experienced and entertaining actors, albeit a bit frustrating.

You're in good company with The Prestige, and it's entertaining - as long as you don't need to be cerebrally challenged.

And the final photo from Cornwall - another shot of me and my best friend and alter ego, Cyberkitten in our favourite place, St Ives.........

and finally - is there anyone out there who *isn't* looking forward to this? And if it's been released anywhere already.......[pokes out tongue]

Turn up the volume!!



Jean-Luc Picard said...

....As I was going to StIves....

Good picture of you & Cyberkitten.

Michele sent me here.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It opened yesterday..(Friday) here in the states...Robin Williams has been al over the talk shows this week touting this delightfu looking wonderment! I'm going to have to wait quite a while to see it....till the DVD hits, I'm afraid.
BTW: That "things I've never done" post, is up! Take a gander...

Mike said...

Happy feet should be a great picture.

Here from Michele's

Bobkat said...

Hi Hon, Glad you enjoyed the film and I liked the clip. Penguins rock and this little feel shows that!

I'll be in touch when I get back!

kenju said...

I can't wait to see that movie and I imagine quite a lot of dancing in the aisles!

Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Feet is for real? That's a different sort of direction for WB isn't it?

Glad the company was great for the movie you saw.

Michele sent me.

CyberKitten said...

LOVE the animation in Happy Feet... Hope that there's a story to it too... [grin].

Should walk out with a smile & humming tunes if nothing else.

I thought The Prestige was... interesting. I've just added the book to my Wish List so I can check out if its better than the film.