Friday, February 27, 2009


Woman; you must be either blind, deaf or stoopid! (Sincere apologies to those readers who are sight impaired, hearing impaired or educationally challenged!!)When you are in charge of a vehicle you should know your vehicle - especially your blind spot.
Don't even get me started on the 'optional' extra on your vehicle - the traffic indicators...which are there to *indicate* your intentions!
Also, there are pretty white lines on the road to show you where to put said vehicle safely.

When you swing across aforementioned white lines into my line of travel with barely an inch to spare, you should be hearing my car horn. I leant on my horn to warn you I was there but you didn't go back into your own lane - how odd - causing me to brake sharply whilst trying to not hit anyone else.

So, putting together my first point and my second point, I can't help feeling you are a very stupid woman - and I hope you didn't have kids in that very fancy schmanzy people carrier......

Honestly, some people.....



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Somebody sure is getting an earful!

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Juggling Mother said...

It wasn't me - I didn't do it!!!!

try riding a bike!

Glad you managed to avid her tho!

carmilevy said...

Popped by from Tanya's to let you know I'm sitting here nodding my head in sad agreement. Not sure if you've seen what I posted yesterday, but it's stunningly similar in tone to yours. Here's the link:

I'm so glad you're OK. It angers me that we're surrounded by such nitwits at the wheel. I was once hit by a car while riding my bike on a bike path. The driver was busy arguing with his wife, and didn't notice that he was accelerating through a stop sign and right into me. Got a new bike from his insurance company, and thank G-d I was okay beyond a massive fright and some cuts and bruises. But I could have lived without the trauma.

David Edward said...

i am hoping she does not have kids at all, lest her bad driving habits be passed down to others.
Thanks for your visit and your most kind comments.
we in the colonies still appreciate our fine English upbringing and recognize good manners.

Sleepypete said...

Driving standards seem to have nosedived around here lately ...

No thought for other drivers and it becoming "the done thing" to use the car as a weapon to make space. Laneswapping seems rife as well as the speeding.

Wonder how the roadworks on our work roundabout starting next week will affect things :-(

David Edward said...

cq needs a LOUDER horn on said automobile
or a death ray!
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