Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

What a week - I haven't been around much. I put it down to continuing post-operative depression.

Being back at work was fun as well as a challenge; I like my colleagues and we have a laugh, but with my boss on holiday things piled up quickly, so by Monday it was a bit of a slog.

On Tuesday I got into lots of physical activity - walking across site, lots of standing around and then some lifting and carrying in the afternoon to organise my storeroom. All this put new pressure on my knee and overnight Tuesday night it swelled and became very painful.

On Tuesday evening I went with Cyberkitten, BionicDwarf and SleepyPete to see the new Star Trek. Oh, my, that movie has split the group and we have argued about it since. Cyberkitten hated it, the Bionic One and the Sleepy One saw the flaws but enjoyed it nonetheless, and I thought it a cracking way to pass a couple of hours (whisper: although the lad playing Kirk annoyed the crap outta me!).

On Wednesday I realised I had overdone things as I struggled to walk on my knee. That called for a slowdown and I took a couple of days sick while I rested my knee with a new respect.

On Friday it was back to work and a busy long day was very profitable and I got a lot done.

As for my on-line existence, I have not been feeling much like blogging or Booking - sometimes one just doesn't feel very sociable. Even my dress and shoes sit half-completed.



CyberKitten said...

CQ said: On Wednesday I realised I had overdone things

You *always* overdo things. It's just the way you are. You really should rest more and at least slow done a *bit* [laughs]

Star Trek.... [rotflmao]

Sleepypete said...

Last para - it's gone the same way for me and the games. I don't think I've been back in the online games since Monday and that was just a bounce-on, bounce-off ...

It was good to see you moving a lot easier on Tuesday evening :-)

Sleepypete said...

(addon - I'm now 8 down, 2 to go in the ST marathon - with Nemesis not counting as an ST film)

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I'm glad to see you're getting about OK, just don't over do it, OK? :D

David Edward said...

thanks for the movie review and for updating us

rashbre said...

Good to have a sense of pace as you start up again with the newly recovering knee.

There's a strange rule with office work, though, that taking one day/two days off is always the toughest because most people don't realize you've gone and therefore expect all the normal stuff to get done.

At least there's a long weekend ahead! Best rashbre