Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Kick Up The Ego

The ego is a fragile beast.
Mine has had a small kick up the butt lately.

It's all very complicated but basically, as our jobs are under threat, my boss and I applied for Voluntary Early Redundancy to increase our options over the next couple of years and give us a fallback plan.
I was bullish and resilient during the application phase, but that all changed yesterday when the Personnel people wrote to us to say our applications were successful.

I didn't sleep much last night as the success of my application appeared to give me the sensation of 'not being wanted' after 26 years in the department, being rejected after giving them the best years of my life.

To add to the frustration I noticed they had scored me very highly for 'Timing' and it would appear that Personnel changed my preferred date from 2014 to 2012 to fit in with their plans for higher natural wastage this year.
And then we realised that with our dates being pulled forward we would have to decide much quicker than we were anticipating - instead of having two years to decide, we had one month.
Needless to say we agreed to decline the offer of redundancy with the limited compensation offered. As ever, my boss and I were as one in that decision - we were not going to be bullied into taking 'VERY' early redundancy.

Complex plans - unexpected outcomes....thanks to our lovely government.


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Sleepypete said...

Our higher ups really don't have a clue do they ... And the unions need to actually do something for the workforce for a change !

Changing the timings that people have put in is just counterproductive and I suspect very shaky ground legally too. By doing this, they'll have excluded some people who did want to go this year. For our mob, barely anyone got their VERS. If the threshold had been lower by not starting everyone on 25 points for timing, then more people who wanted to go this year may have escaped.

Higher ups don't have a clue, Personnel definitely don't know what a proper job is.